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Patricia Cori: Author, Screenwriter And Artist

A globally recognized personality, world-renowned visionary author and emerging screenwriter, Patricia Cori has successful authored fourteen published books, several of them bestsellers, in over twenty-two languages, which constitute, conservatively, over a million readers internationally. They have for over two decades captivated the imagination of readers questioning the status quo and searching for answers to the meaning of our lives on this planet – and beyond. They continue to be reprinted, considered “essential reading” to her expanding international fan base, and she is constantly being interviewed on alternative and mainstream media, while she continues to author new works, the latest, Hacking the God Code, having just been released in October, 2022.

She has also appeared as herself in several documentary films. 

Her first foray into fiction, The Emissary, received accolades from media, celebrities and fellow authors, as well as devoted fans.  A versatile writer and storyteller, she ventured into the world of screenwriting with this gripping thriller and has since completed two sequels, two award-winning, emotionally charged dramas: Elephants in the Room (in pre-production) and Buried Alive (in development), and a screenplay adaptation of the novel A Gift Most Rare, also in development. She is currently penning a new thriller, entitled, The Crow People, which exposes the insanity underway in those secret underground laboratories we are not supposed to know are creating monstrous mutations of human and animal genetics.

A world adventurer who has guided thousands of people to the sacred and magical sites of the world, Patricia Cori is a natural storyteller. Whether she’s dangling from a cliff in Peru, rescuing abandoned animals, or climbing into caves and ancient tunnels, she brings her adventurous spirit and vision to stories that touch human lives. Stories that cross genre lines. Stories for young and old, skeptics and dreamers, and everybody in between.

She has only recently turned her talents to the art of painting, where her passion is unfolding in new and beautiful ways. In just a few short months, she has worked magic with her brushes and paints, channeling through this new medium Spirit beings, elemental energies, power animals and aspects of the celestial forces at work around and within us. Truly remarkable. Be sure to visit her gallery by clicking here. Patricia’s extraordinary works are already selling wildly with enthusiastic fans, but some originals are still available for purchase and/or you can order high quality prints directly from the site.

“In all my years in this industry, and hundreds of writers later, I have never experienced anyone with the gigantic talent of Patricia Cori. I have never met a single word she’s written that I haven’t loved. It has been a true honor working with her and watching her talent unfold.”


best selling books

Some of Patricia’s classic books, which she first started releasing over two decades ago, are out of print – but she is busy at work republishing them for her devoted fans. Considered “classic reading,” they are must-have, beloved works for her dedicated followers around the world, and have been released in over 22 foreign language editions.

Her latest book, Hacking the God Code, hit six Number 1 New Release Best Seller categories within days of being released on Amazon and it is already a best-seller! 

Be sure to read it. Be SURE to read it.

Recent Interviews

Enjoy incredible conversations with some of your favorite thought leaders, exchanging ideas and probing Patricia‘s vision of what is going on in the world, and what lies ahead for us as individuals, and as a civilization.

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I’m not here to make you feel comfortable while you eat your popcorn and watch the illusive movie screen you believe is good or bad.

I’m not here to stroke the narrative, or second your favorite ‘truther’.

I’m not here to dig in my heels, to defend a position or attack another.

I’m here to make you feel UNCOMFORTABLE with the idea that you’re supposed to turn your mind over to a movie, a chess game, a promised unfolding – a savior.

I’m here to CHALLENGE THE NARRATIVE – on all sides – AND QUESTION anyone who claims to have the “truth,” the “inside story,” and the “answer.”

I”m here to challenge my own shifting understanding and perception, to admit that I am open to change as more information comes in, that I can be wrong and still be honorable, and to embrace anyone who is willing to do the same.

I’m here, my friends, as a SOVEREIGN SOUL, seeking truth, seeking justice, and seeking peace and the betterment of the human condition.

“Patricia Cori is one of my favorite authors of all time and I’ve read all her books. (She’s) very articulate, can be very analytical, and there’s a very very deep side that goes way down the rabbit hole. She helped take me down some rabbit holes that I found fascinating.  I feel this is her best work yet, which is phenomenal. It’s the perfect timing for material that’s needed, and I think it’s going to help a lot of people.”

- Michael Jaco, Former Navy Seal and CIA Operative


"THE MOST IMPORTANT BOOK OF OUR TIME. Every now and then a book comes across my desk that is spectacular - and that everybody needs to read. Hacking the God Code is perfect from beginning to end! I'll be telling people about this book for the next ten years!"

-Meria Heller, The Meria Heller Show

"Patricia Cori discusses this very real evil called "Hacking the God Code." And for those who think such talk is all nonsense and conspiracy theory, think again. Great book! I hope you pick up a copy..."

-Cheryl Chumley The Washington Times

"Informative, timely and accurate...."

-Joshua Lane, Radio Host Here's to Your Health Radio

"Patricia Cori is one of my favorite authors of all time and I've read all her books. (She's) very articulate, can be very analytical, and there's a very very deep side that goes way down the rabbit hole. She helped take me down some rabbit holes that I found fascinating. I feel this is her best work yet, which is phenomenal. It's the perfect timing for material that's needed, and I think it's going to help a lot of people."

-Michael Jaco, Former Navy Seal and CIA Operative Host of Unleashing Intuition Secrets

"... A fantastic read! It covers so many different areas. You'll want to go get a copy. I highly recommend it!"

-Dave Barnett, Host of Dave the Mystic

"It's a wonderful book, packed with information ... a buffet of food for thought!"

-Robert Sharpe, Host of Bringing Inspiration to Earth

"The wholesale elevation of humanity from its torpor, within an ancient galactic sleep-cycle, has been the cross borne by Patricia Cori for many years. The zenith of her great task of heroic authorship is exemplified by this axiomatic work: Hacking the God Code: The Conspiracy to Steal the Human Soul."

-Sacha Stone. Activist, Public Speaker, Writer, and Film Maker Founder of the World Health Sovereignty Summit

"A fascinating book! You're going to want to pick up a copy..."

-Richard Dugan, Host of Tell Me Your Story

"We can add Patricia Cori to the growing list of leading personalities outspoken about the fact that humanity faces a fork in the road, involving ascending "organic ascension: vs descending AI takeover."

-The Global Village Institute

"Patricia Cori is one of the rare voices who is well grounded and sees what is really going on... and calls it for what it is!

Jimmy Blanchette, Radio Expert and Documentary Producer

“A jaw-dropping, insightful and expository book! Cori is a seasoned and learned spiritualist. Five stars!”

Chinaza Nnabuenyl, The On-Line Book Club Org.

Hacking the God Code is a bold, remarkable statement that stands out in a world of spiritual platitudes that too often pretend threats are not there – an avoidance that only leads to yet more abuse and manipulation of the human race. This book is as brave and honest as it is well written and lucid...

Andy Thomas, renowned author, researcher and publisher.