Every now and then a book comes across my desk that is spectacular – and that everybody needs to read. Hacking the God Code is perfect from beginning to end! I’ll be telling people about this book for the next ten years!”

-Meria Heller, The Meria Heller Show


“Patricia Cori discusses this very real evil called “Hacking the God Code.” And for those who think such talk is all nonsense and conspiracy theory, think again. Great book! I hope you pick up a copy…”

Cheryl Chumley

The Washington Times


“Informative, timely and accurate….”

Joshua Lane, Radio Host

Here’s to Your Health Radio


“Patricia Cori is one of my favorite authors of all time and I’ve read all her books. (She’s) very articulate, can be very analytical, and there’s a very very deep side that goes way down the rabbit hole. She helped take me down some rabbit holes that I found fascinating.  I feel this is her best work yet, which is phenomenal. It’s the perfect timing for material that’s needed, and I think it’s going to help a lot of people.”

Michael Jaco, Former Navy Seal and CIA Operative

Host of Unleashing Intuition Secrets


“… A fantastic read! It covers so many different areas. You’ll want to go get a copy. I highly recommend it!”

Dave Barnett, Host of Dave the Mystic


“It’s a wonderful book, packed with information … a buffet of food for thought!”

Robert Sharpe, Host of Bringing Inspiration to Earth


“The wholesale elevation of humanity from its torpor, within an ancient galactic sleep-cycle, has been the cross borne by Patricia Cori for many years. The zenith of her great task of heroic authorship is exemplified by this axiomatic work: Hacking the God Code: The Conspiracy to Steal the Human Soul.”

Sacha Stone. Activist, Public Speaker, Writer, and Film Maker

Founder of the World Health Sovereignty Summit


“A fascinating book! You’re going to want to pick up a copy…”

Richard Dugan, Host of Tell Me Your Story


“We can add Patricia Cori to the growing list of leading personalities outspoken about the fact that humanity faces a fork in the road, involving ascending “organic ascension: vs descending AI takeover.”

The Global Village Institute


“A real page-turner! What an incredible writer. I love her work…”

Dr. Michele, Host of LA Talk Radio program, On the Couch


“Patricia Cori is one of the rare voices who is well grounded and sees what is really going on… and calls it for what it is!

Jimmy Blanchette, Radio Expert and Documentary Producer


“Phenomenal! A brilliant book – soul candy! Everybody go out and buy this book-it’s loaded!

Michael James, Host of Beyond the Forbidden TV


“Patricia Cori’s new book, Hacking the God Code, is an absolute must-read for anyone looking to understand the current state of affairs in the world and the sinister forces at work behind the scenes. Cori follows the threads of the Great Reset and the merging of humans with artificial intelligence to show us how Big Pharma and High Tech are seeking to hack the God Code and remove the light within us. Cori is clear-eyed and unflinching in her approach, but ultimately hopeful in her message. She delivers the facts and offers actionable ways to fight the darkness. Highly recommended!”

Mel Hostalrich, Executive Producer & Host of Veritas Radio


“A jaw-dropping, insightful and expository book! Cori is a seasoned and learned

spiritualist. Five stars!”

Chinaza Nnabuenyl, The On-Line Book Club Org.





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“Patricia and the Sirian High Council Knock it Out of the Park!

This eight-part course is without a doubt the best tool I have ever experienced in all my time on the spiritual path. I was not expecting the concise, uncluttered, yet complete approach to each topic, and how beautifully each intersected with the other, building my understanding and allowing a deepening of my integration of so many tools.
The course is suitable for lightworkers and seekers of all levels, as each topic is outlined broadly, then filled and illuminated to the capacity of each student’s level of comprehension. Many things that I have been doing for years, guided by my own intuition are presented here, and explained in such a way that I have a greater understanding and hence a bigger capacity for using them in new and more effective ways.

“The DNA and Solfeggio Activations were profound and incredibly deep. I feel transformed. Indeed, this course is a magnificent gift to us, veteran Starseed and newly awakening Starseed alike! I cannot recommend highly enough. If you are looking for a professionally produced, yet down to earth series – this is IT!”

Janine Davis – Thailand


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