Are you finding it difficult to cope with all that is coming at us in these times of intense change? Are you unable to find happiness and peace in the world you have created? Do you have financial issues and feelings of insecurity? Have you convinced yourself that you are unworthy of love?

Do you desperately seek to know what your purpose is for being here?

All this fear makes it so difficult for people to live in peace – and joy.
It can be daunting to overcome and rise above the sense of disempowerment, fear and impotence that are daily being inculcated in the mass mind and then filtering down into our personal lives and individual consciousness.
Patricia Cori is all about helping you take your power back … about finding the strength to be bold, and determined. And happy. Joyful. Fulfilled. A motivational speaker and coach, she helps people find that key that opens the door to emotional, spiritual and even physical well-being. There are ways to turn things around. She believes everyone can live abundant and secure lives no matter what is unfolding in the background. What matters is what you create RIGHT NOW.

If you wish to schedule a private consultation, or a clairvoyant reading, please note:

“I am a healer first, having served as a psychic healer for more than twenty years, so my intention is always to help recalibrate the emotional, mental and physical body through information that comes through me.

The cost of one-hour session is EURO 175.00; some prefer one and half hours, in order to probe more deeply – and sometimes to see past life information. The cost, accordingly, is EURO 255.00 for the full 90 minutes.

I also offer LIFE COACHING, which is more about guidance of empowerment and clarity, and this is more in the form of dialogue and problem solving. Most people interested in coaching sign up for a series of 3 sessions, however I am available for one session if interested. One session, one hour, is EURO 150.00 – the three session series, prepaid, is discounted to EURO 400.00

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