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“You walk in a world of shifting sands and falling icons, trying to keep an even pace. It is a time in which you are experiencing the opening of galactic portals and a closing of Earth temples – the merging of ages. Innocent and oh-so-curious, you are buzzing with new frequencies, spinning into the unknown … reaching out to the stars, just as you call the stars back into you.

With all that you are confronting and placing into your fields of probable realities, it is high time you understood the importance of creating sacred space, shielding your energy fields and expelling all but the highest energies. It is time you truly understand what you are creating when you reach out to the astral, calling into you beings from other dimensions.”

There can be very little debate over the question of the critical state of disharmony on our planet. We have entered the Desert Days, elucidated in the Sirian Revelations, the long-prophesized Era of Transition.

Let us be clear and resolute as to what the negative energies that are permeating Earth space at this time mean to our existence, our peace of mind and our evolution. Only then can we go on to transmute these forces and send them on to their next stage of evolution – wherever and whatever that may be.

It is a time of humankind’s greatest potential, but this we must realize through our dedicated will and focused determination. To truly walk through this storm unscathed, we must now exercise our greatest ability to repel the destructive energies, amplify our protective shields and remain sovereign in every sense, at every moment – from this day forward. For those who are ready, there can now be direct contact with Light Beings of other dimensions – but only when the focus is perfected can connection be pure and unaltered: this, too, is of utmost importance to our expanding consciousness and its manifestation on Earth.

Within us all is the ability to hold off all shadow forces. We are the crystal, the vibration, the power. But with all the disruptors at work in our realm, we are not always clear enough to hold up against their interference and its effect upon all living beings in our world. We are undoubtedly under attack from many levels and it is imperative that we become supremely conscious of how best to protect ourselves from all lower vibrations and stand forever in light fields.

The Sirian Seal™ has been gifted to us at this time to serve this purpose. Within its sacred geometric form lies the holographic blueprint that you can effectively utilize for:

  • Psychic Protection
  • Electromagnetic shield
  • Attunement
  • Aura Amplification
  • DNA Rejuvenation
  • Tachyon Energy Stimulation
  • Improved Health & Well-Being
  • Crystal Enhancement
  • Energy balancing

“We, humble servants of the light, bequeath to you a transitional key to the opening of your sacred doorways: this sacred seal. Step across the threshold, knowing we will be there.

We are the Sirian High Council.”

The Sirian Seal is available at live Patricia Cori events.


Kelly Ebsary
My gorgeous copper Sirian Seal arrived from Rome and just made it through its first unintentional wash cycle, sanctifying all of my laundry, the waters of the Santa Monica sewers and thusly the entire bay, ocean and world – and now it’s even more sparkling and beautiful!

Rosalind Easter
One of my clients, who I have been working with, who was suffering from depression, anxiety, substance abuse. He was seeing a psychologist and psychiatrist and was on the verge of suicide, ordered the seal and is now wearing it. Even though he had been improving before he started wearing the seal, after he started wearing it, I noticed even greater improvement. As far as I am concerned, mostly everyone should be wearing the seal.

Ronald S. Ross
My lifemate Joanna and I made one of our periodic visits to the United Nations today, dining with a senior diplomat/colleague. Thanks to his presence we were able to return yet again to the Security Council chambers (before they went into session) where we quietly prayed for world peace—standing behind key chairs of the delegates including the President of the Security Council.

Then in the General Assembly (again before a session), we repeated our prayers— holding a special place of peace for the Guatemalan delegate and then for Iraq – placing a vortex of potency into their chairs and work areas.

In both instances I had with me the Sirian Council’s special triune symbol (The Sirian Seal™) and utilized it to put in place—the unique linkages which, although invisible to human sight – is now implanted in the UN. The symbol was not hidden but in plain sight. No one commented on it, or attempted to stop me from my work.

And so – your own work moves onward, outward and heavenward – as well into the earth to link to the Agartha network of our family beneath our literal feet.

Just thought you would be pleased to know this.

With love.

Joseph Cutrufello
I”ve read your book and it is well written and crystal clear in its message. I have done work over the years in helping to create energy tools to bring in higher energy to this earthly plane to assist in the awaking of man and womankind. I have worked with Hilarion and Jon Fox and several other ” groups” of beneficial energies. We developed technologies that are able to lock the primary conciseness and mission of star systems into crystals. I was told that this work was preformed in Atlantis and I am sure a part of you was there also.

I also worked with Sirius star system in creating these charged crystal which have been very successful in connecting to that systems conciseness. One interesting note which was sheared with me because I asked the question on how to broadcast these transformational energies to the satellites and the communications system since they cover the whole planet. I reasoned if this could be done then it would help in elevating the frequencies and help to neutralize some of the negative information that our bodies are receiving from them. To make a long story short the answer is yes that the energy tools would be able to slowly re program the communication satellites and that they would have to make adjustments to their equipment.

The Sirian seal could be made to help in this work by placing the seal on cell phones , faxes,TV, phone lines and other equipment I think you will begin to see the possibilities here. The seal could be made on a transparent martial and hot stamped or printed with a metal such as copper or gold ink. A print shop would be able to do this at a modest cost. These modified seals I believe would be using the carrier waves of the communications equipment [micro wave, electric and other electro magnetic fields as transporters of the Sirian energies. If this makes any sense to you please give it some thought and I would be very happy to shear what I know in this effort. You can also use the seal as is to charge water for dinking, charging food in the refrig.

Peace be with you

Shanti  – London
I have been practicing shamanically for about 4 years, and studied back in April with Sandra Ingerman who teaches transmutation of personal and environmental toxins by connecting with, and transfiguring into, the Divinity within. This is done using shamanic journeying, in a trance state.

We journeyed to a creation story (the idea is there are at least as many individual creation stories as there are consciousnesses, as such a vast event can only be viewed in pieces from separate angles) and in mine I saw the Void form into the One point of consciousness, and then spin into three clockwise rotating circles which became the template for this Creation.

It was similar to many powerful things I’ve seen before, all using triangular/tripartite imagery (as you say in the book, three being the resolution and perfection of apparent duality).

This is also reflected in many beliefs, and relevant to my Tantric Hindu path is that the Triangle is the most sacred image of Shiva & Shakti, and also the creation is understood to have 3 main different properties (inertia, action and balance). So this idea certainly reflects deeply on the nature of Creation as I see it.

When I saw the picture of the seal on 06/17, (in the banner link from it struck me as being nearly identical!

I have an open mind on the subject of Sirians, channelling and all that as I’ve never experienced it or looked to do so, however the seal’s authenticity as a powerful symbol is obvious to me so I do thank you for bringing it into being!

Very best wishes,

Tony Bulz – Reiki Healer
I put the Seal in my left hand and then covered it with the right hand and then I put it against my body between the heart and the solar plexus. My body started to jerk, I felt energies aligning within my body. Then I put a leather thong through the ring in the upper point of the Triangle and put it around my neck with the seal being just a bit lower than my chest. The feeling I got was like I was in water and the water was penetrating my body. I also felt energies expanding in my body. This is still taking place.

The feeling of being at peace – It feels like the seal is penetrating my chest, going within. There is a knowingness taking place which tells me that this is okay, this is what is to happen. I know (in this vision I am having) that the Seal is also in the Sphinx. Is in it. For future times. The Pharaohs will know of them and also some of the Higher Priests. So now this seal coming for me, Tony, to use is as something coming back to me.

It is a protector as well as an enhancer, a communication tool as it will enhance the qualities I have, the gifts within me. It happened then it will happen now. Information will continue to come and this information will align with me. All I can say now, between the WOWs is…THANK YOU PAT FOR BRINGING THIS GIFT TO EARTH. FOR BEING THE CHANNEL FOR THIS TREMENDOUS GIFT. THANK YOU TO THE SIRIANS FOR THIS AWESOME TOOL.”

Tony welcomes your questions – you can contact him at

Amen Ramiel
Namaste trydja… And thank you for the updates….. beautiful timing as always…. the day of your email was also the day I saw a dolphin for the first time on my little island in OZ….I have seen them other places but never on my island…. So they’ve tracked me down and bringing gifts of peace and working with the etheric grids and Nodes that I have been actively dancing in….

With venus transit has brought 3 clear white Crafts or discs above my house…..they sit there each night and even my dad can seem them with the naked eyes…there so real not just third eye stuff… 2 sit in front of the house and the other acts as TORUS a kind of Junction point which all the stars plug into and into the earth …..then as the equinox’s turn they also turn the earth……..

This has all been an integral Merged experienced which you are a part of bringing me the amazing loving SIRIAN SEAL. For I knew I would entering this stage of the cosmic cycles in a amplified way and i knew I needed to deepen my SEALING Of my SELF my SACRED SPACE and the SEAL does that perfectly….. Its always around my neck reminding me that I am self contained and my sirian brothers and sisters are dancing the cosmic dance of heaven one earth with me every step of the way…….

Much love and peace to you and thank you again from my heart and all nature spirits here on my island for all that you are doing for Life on earth….


Claes Kampe – Sweden
I felt a strong mixture of astonishment and reunion with long lost family when I first saw the Sirian Seal and felt its energy. Since childhood, triangles and the figure three have always been very sacred to me. Through the holy triangle I learned this principle of cosmic consciousness: don’t beg for (yin, right side of the triangle) nor demand (yang, left side of the triangle) love and confirmation from others, just be the love you already are and you will be at peace (cosmos, the middle of the triangle, defining the top and the balance point between yin and yang).

So the triangular key is to always love BOTH yourself and others simultaneously and get rid of the devastating human illusion of the need to compete for love and “rewards”, from parents, friends, partners and so on, in order to to feel good. That’s the hallmark of fear, war and the hell on earth we’re no experiencing.

According to the triangle wisdom I understod this meant that self-centred yang energies have to integrate and acknowledge their collective yin energy of empathy, and the other way around in order to attain cosmic consciousness.

I’m very grateful to you for producing all this inspiring material! Your site is a wonderful beacon of light, penetrating the collective darkness of humanity still surrounding this planet.

Suzannah Galland
Thank you for sending the seal. I have been doodling this for years. How odd to find my doodle. Once again proof that we are all linked to one conscious mind.

Lorna Schilke
Wonderful book and the energy from the symbol is magnificent. I wear a quartz crystal at my throat chakra, it’s called a magicians stone. I put the seal under it and wow! did a whole lot of clearing from my upper respiratory tract.

I do something called a Star Seed Healing using a tuning fork and chime.

Am anxious to do the healing and place the symbol under the table.


Martine Law-We
Hi Patricia,

I didn’t know whether I ought to give you my feedback as regard to the seal but after reading your newsletter and other people’s testimonies I feel that you ought to know that I am another one who actually felt that the seal has been another turning point in my daily life. First of all when I opened the packet I only saw the seal and I could have thrown the book away, being so drawn by the seal! It felt right holding it in my hand and I have been wearing it since. Since then I too experienced a feeling of great expansion, along with seeing other people’s guides whilst meditating. I seem to have too much energy (not only do I get up at 6.30 am to go swimming for an hour but then clean my place and spend time dancing on caribbean music afterwards!). Also I now channel for a particular Sirian guide in the channeling circle we hold once a week. I feel that the seal will also help with my healing abilities and will no doubt keep you inform.

Martine Law-We

Tammy Mullens
Wow, I know exactly what Joy means. I was in a hit and run accident last December and got side impact whiplash from it. I’ve tried everything from my Osteopath, drugs, Physical Therapy, and now a Naprapath. When I got the Seal, I started feeling like my old self again. I feel the combo of the Naprapath and the Seal has excelled the healing. After all these months I found something that works! Looking back since I lost the Seal, my headaches have returned! WOW!!! I just made that realization!! OMGosh!!! I am still seeing the Physical Therapist and had been wearing the Seal during my electro thingy treatments!

Oh, wow, Patricia! There seems to be so much coming to light about how this Seal works!

Thank you, again!

Tammy Mullens

Dear Patricia,

I have just finished a long session on my chi machine – 30 mins on it and 30 more staying in the altered state that follows it.

Last night I had pulled a muscle in my shoulder, which was sore today so that was the reason for such a long session.

I decided to wear the Sirian Seal at the same time and also asked for the energies to work within me in the strongest way that was beneficial to my physical body.

It was unlike any previous session in the 2 years that I have used the machine – I don’t know if you are familiar with it at all. Anyway, usually I can feel the energy working either along along my body either from end to end or diagonally or sometimes in an oval pattern.

Tonight it was very much stronger as soon as I ‘asked’ and working in several areas at once. Really deeply at times, in hips, knees, shoulders, feet and in diagonal patterns from one side to the other.

At the moment, my shoulder is fine and even the muscles deep within my back, which are usually tight are totally relaxed. The only area of tension I can still feel is in the top part of my head, which feel as though I am wearing a skull cap in comparison to the rest of me.

Tomorrow I will wear the Sirian Seal together with the Chi machine again and see if the sensations are as strong as tonight.

Love and blessings


Betty Reed
Dear Patricia,

I am writing to tell you of my experience with the seal you sent to me and that I received on Saturday afternoon. I opened the package and started holding the seal as i was opening the book up for a look and the tears started just poring down my cheeks, wow.. I was so humbled by the feelings of profound love and the fullness of the whole time frame in which was taken to within my heart space here and yet throughout time and no time and all dimensional realities at once. An awesome experience for me, thank you for this gift…

Ellis Evans
The Seal and its role are beautifully illustrated through the booklet and I have now activated the Seal and attuned it to my highest intentions. Its effect is wow, but I think it will take some time for me to focus through it and fully experience that which I am part of. That said, its initial effects were very powerful e.g. strong pressure felt on and around my forehead and lower spine, with feelings of expansion when meditating. I am taking my time here as I want to integrate its effects fully.

Thank you

Bill Gieskieng
Dear Patricia, you really did great on this one.

I love the Sirian Seal, and the booklet is… well…spirit stirring! I noted the dedication to your mother, and I seconded your salutation to her…umm… can’t say”memory” because she is still “is.”

My impression: I’m not quite sure what is going on but I do feel more energy. People on the phone ask me what I’m on. My mind feels clearer and it is obvious that I’m getting more things done

Ramiel – Australia
I felt my body shift vibration as soon as I was holding the seal and my voice became more resonant more refined in sound.. I felt a lot of magnetic movement in my head and chest.

Then, when I stood outside last night, I was staring at the star sirius with my eyes open wide and visualizing that I was traveling in a mer ka ba the shape of the seal and spinning really fast on sirius simultaneously. All of a sudden a comet or UFO shot straight out of the Sirian STAR.. That was the validation for a lovely first day with the sirian seal…

Thank you for bringing this Key, this coding, this glyph to the planet.

Its a fine job and such a honourable, couragous, loving thing to carry out…

Carolyn Coates
“I’ve been giving some thought to the divine proportion/golden mean, and how we are each a microcosm of that, the inner being’s vibration within us, and us within our inner being, and how they are related in the proportions of the golden mean, 1.618 a major fifth, and just on an impulse noticed that this ratio is within the Sirian Seal. How fascinating. The proportion of one of the lines within the outer lines is this proportion as well. To say “fascinating” is an understatement.

I’m re-reading the books, and of course, they are completely different this time around, as well as working with recalling fragments. This is very powerful.

Thank you for all that you do. I feel so fortunate to find myself being guided to (this) information…

Cherie Haydon – Asatara
Two nights ago, the Activation Light Codes went into play and the energies were very, very interesting, but no where near compared to what happened last evening when I received the Sirian Seal in the mail. I took it upstairs with me and placed it into my lap just below where my hands were in the prayer position. I invoked the Ancient Ones and aligned with everyone who was participating with the Activation Light Codes and it began.

Never in my life (and I have channeled thousands of hours of divine energies from the Melchizedek, The Ascended Masters, Archangels, the Seraph Angels, Stargate Alignments, The Beings of Light, the Great Central Sun, etc.) no-thing prepared me for what was coming. Trust me–it definitely blew the lid off! Also, I found it highly interesting that ever so many minutes, I was asking the Ancient Ones to “step up the energies again” so that they were growing more and more intense and it went for hours. When I finally could open my eyes, I no longer recognized the room that I had been sitting in. I could see and feel beings all around me–traveling through the dimensions or portals or gateways — I do not know where we went, but there were a total of 7 of us including myself and it was unbelievable! And this wasn’t through etheric vision either–this was full frontal physical vision!

WOWEE!!!! Bring it on baby! You may share anything you wish with whoever you like regarding the Seal experiences. I will keep you apprised because we are going to use it for the next four weeks or so. If anything else develops–you’ll be one of the first to know. All my love and devotion

Amarna Sinclair – Flower of Life Facilitator
“Hi Patricia, I am SO excited by the Sirian Seal – it IS the Sacred Geometry of LOVE – the Golden Mean spiral coming into the Tetrahedron!!! The movement is constantly perfectly balancing the male and female which IS the ASCENSION!”

Michael Rupprich – Austria
“I experience the seal as a very powerful tool, energies shifting up and down, but I feel very good with it and love to be in the powerful energy of the seal. In a way the feelings I had when having received the seal and activating it were similar to the Reiki 3 attunements, very powerful indeed and hardly any words can describe it…

I tried the protection shield activation, and although having done a lot of light-shield meditations so far, all of which were great, this one in combination with the seal is the most powerful one, I feel more protected than ever with whatever exercise I have done before!!!

I feel extremely safe and protected wearing the seal, not only imagining it, no, but really feeling it deep inside, as if nothing in the universe would be able to be stronger than me.

My colleagues told me that I “look” different, although they saw me one week ago, one said that I am beaming like a lightray. Nobody of my colleagues knew about the seal…they just felt a “difference” in my energy!

When I take the seal into the left hand and close my fingers around it and I close my eyes as well, then I “see” the 3D image of the tetrahedron with the spirals on each side, slowly spinning in the middle of my left hand, truly magic and wonderful.

All in all the seal is so far one of the most powerful tools I have ever held in my hands (well, in this life..) and I am veeeerrrry grateful to having received it, words cannot express how much I appreciate it that you, Patricia, and the Council have given this to us…..THANK YOU !!

Judith Swan – Reiki Master
The Seal has certainly ushered in a very active week for me – at first it wanted to be held to all my chakras, which I did. It seemed to stabilize something, as I tended to cough a bit with the energy near me at first but I have been in supercruise mode all week. Lotta power there!

Thank you and the Sirian High Council.

The Sirian Seal™ & The Cosmometry of Superconsciousness

Accelerating the Ascension Process Through Multidimensional Geometric Patterning:

“As you seek to release yourselves from the extreme polarity of the holograph in which you find yourselves at this moment – the 3D polar fields of Earth ascending – you are learning a great deal of how your dense, physical being is beginning the process of transcendence into a higher, lighter, more luminous body – the awakening light body.

This process we have defined in The Sirian Revelations. It begins with your focused intention to raise and refine your conscious awareness, rearranging the substance of your material reality to reflect your heightened vibrations and so altering your physical being. This is the true alchemical magic – the spiritualization of matter – that for so long has eluded all but your most learned masters, as you walk in the filtered light of your veiled reality.

Paramount to the activation of your new light bodies is the repair of your existing DNA bio-data and the activation of dormant DNA codes within you – genetic information that has been rendered inactive and fragmented due to the manipulation of the electromagnetic frequencies of inner and outer Earth. These genetic snippets of disassembled DNA must be replicated to RNA and then interpreted, to become manifest as the amino acids that serve as the building blocks of a new and highly complex hyperstructure of human DNA, which will eventually restructure as the full 12-stranded complex your race held at its inception and which has lain dormant in you from that moment forward.

This, in simplistic terms, is a biological overview of what must occur for you to reactive all the light filaments of your complex beings, as you prepare for full light body ascension out of the matrix of your earthly existence.

As your planet adjusts to the mutating electromagnetic energies now permeating Earth fields, this dormant genetic information is indeed beginning to reorganize itself: from scattered fragments and disconnected bits into the highly articulated cosmometrical designs of multidimensional consciousness. This process is being facilitated by the incredible transmutation of your Sun and all the planetary bodies comprising your Solar Logos, but as always – you hold the keys to your personal evolution. Every aspect of your reality is determined by your karmic contracts and, moreover, your focused will. Above all … it is your focused intent that alters what you perceive as the past, creates your projection of the future, designs your inner universe and prevails over every layer of reality – whether you understand these worlds … or not.

As you accelerate your awareness of the cosmometry that defines Universal Intelligence, you lay down the blueprints of higher dimensional awareness upon which the awakening DNA can utilize the building blocks of light to reconstruct the DNA codes of your fully activated light bodies.

In essence, your perception of cosmometrical proportion and design allows you to create the electromagnetic signature needed by your evolving DNA codes to begin replicating, creating triangulation in every cell of your body, every molecule and every subatomic particle.

The Sacred Geometry of the Sirian Seal™

The simple design of the Sirian Seal™ contains within it the fundamental architecture of Creation – archetypal laws of number and form imprinting upon the consciousness of all that which comprises the essence of your being: the DNA. It is a simple two-dimensional blueprint from which supraconsciousness creates the holographic design of multidimensional cosmometry – transcending the limitations of limited 3D geometry.

Consider the make-up of your existing DNA helix – the double stranded spiral of two light-coded strands of DNA. Understand how it reflects the hidden nature of duality – that aspect of polarity that recognizes a relationship between two opposing or end points and allow yourself to visualize how all geometric form rises from this dynamic tension: the straight line.

In geometric terminology, the adding of a third element – a third ‘point’ – creates triangulation, the principle upon which Trinity of Spirit and matter is based and when that point is of equal distance to both end points it is the perfected triangle – the equilateral triangle, which holds the highest frequency of any potential triangular configuration. It is the resolution of that duality, bringing balance and substance to all polarity. This is the essence of all geometric structure – the basis from which all future form, deriving from the creative force of its structure, builds into the many complex designs of creation.

The equilateral triangle’s three-dimensional form is the tetrahedron, the quintessential Platonic solid*, which contains four faces, all perfectly equal, embodying the four elements (fire, water, air and earth) that are represented in all life in the Cosmos.

The Platonic solids are those three-dimensional bodies whose surfaces consist of identical polygons which meet in equal angles at the corners. There are five such polyhedrons, the Tetrahedron, the Octahedron, the Cube, the Icosahedron and the Dodecahedron. They were first identified by the great philosopher and mathematician, Pythagoras (although prehistoric examples of carved and sculpted solids have been found and exist in modern museums to this day) and later elaborated by Plato.

In the Seal’s two-dimensional design is represented the form of the tetrahedron and the vibrational frequencies whereby all polar forces resolve and new form is birthed. The tetrahedron and the star tetrahedron embody the harmonics of the higher frequencies coursing through your quadrant of the material universe, serving as the vibrational blueprints for the re-patterning of your 12 DNA filaments. With the third strand, the positive and negative charges of the electro-magnetic form are slowly being replaced by neutrally charged particles – the reflection of your transmutation into light body.

This vibrational information is transmitted through the cellular waters of your being – this Wisdom is being brought to the foreground of your awareness as the crystal patterns of water – now being discovered by those bringing forward the idea of ‘clustered’water. Understanding how the liquid light of spirit carries the cosmometrical patterns of your heightened awareness provides you with the basics of alchemy of personal ascension.

Within the Seal are also represented three logarithmic spirals, embodiments of the growth pattern of most biological forms of life in the Universe – the depiction of the Golden Mean ratio of the Pythagoreans: the Fibonacci sequence.

Graphics by Jonathan Quintin.
Indeed, the logarithmic spiral appears as the macrocosmic galaxy, to the atom and countless representations of life and consciousness in between – for it is the ultimate universal measure of which Creation is formed:

Your conscious application of these Universal energy patterns, represented in the simple geometric form of the Sirian Seal™, helps you reach resonance, at the cellular level, with the archetypal patterns of higher vibrational frequencies: the blueprint of your awakening DNA.

Weisstein, Eric W. “Fibonacci Numbers.” Eric Weisstein’s World of Mathematics.

When you meditate with your Seal, remember to travel the waves of possibility of all that lies just beyond the illusion of the matrix.

We are the Speakers of the Sirian High Council.”

January 2004

Click on the image – experience the shifting energies – here is an example of a two dimensional design shifting you beyond the third dimension!


graphic by Bob Allanson –

Your conscious application of these Universal energy patterns, represented in the simple geometric form of the Sirian Seal™, helps you reach resonance, at the cellular level, with the archetypal patterns of higher vibrational frequencies: the blueprint of your awakening DNA.

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