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Patricia Cori is a natural teacher, having taught courses for over two decades to eager international followers all over the world – in the USA, Canada, England, Europe, the Middle East and Egypt, just to name a few!
Now, with the restrictions on travel we are all feeling, she brings the wisdom to you here, on-line, whereby you can proceed through the material at your own pace, in the privacy of your personal space.
Currently offering three courses:
The Divine Blueprint (an eight-part, in-depth DNA healing and activation course)
Ascension (a meditative learning journey)
For all you emerging writers out there, Write It! (a beginner’s course in creative writing).
Watch this space for new material, workshops and webinars!

Patricia Cori has been dedicated to the spiritual path for over forty years, serving as a psychic and empathic healer, teacher, spirit guide, and leader for those on the journey of awakening. As scribe to the Sirian High Council, six-dimensional conscious beings devoted to assisting Humankind through the process of ascension and becoming galactic human beings, she has helped thousands of people remember who they are, to find the meaning and purpose of their lives, reactivate the DNA (she was one of the very first to offer DNA activation and the Sirian modality involved) and activate the pineal gland. She has traveled the world offering courses, lecturing and teaching across cultural and language barriers, and after thousands of requests, for the first time brings her teachings to you through the on-line platform. Stay tuned – more courses are on the way! Click ‘find out more’ under the image to register.


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Activation Fundamentals
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Calling All Angels
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