Patricia Cori Courses The Divine Blueprint


This eight-part experiential program, condensed for on-line viewing from my original two-day intensive workshop, provides an overview and understanding of the basics of DNA, the nature of cellular memory, from the science to the metaphysics, with the intent to repair, reassemble and activate dormant DNA within you.

There is a war on for human DNA. Now is the time to understand and command how to rewrite and override invasive toxins, maintain and balance cellular geometry, infuse light into the architecture of your being and reclaim your sovereignty – at the very core of conscious existence: the DNA, architect of your electromagnetic, biological creation.

It includes powerful activations of the chakric system, the pineal gland, and the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th strands of DNA as taught to us directly from 6th dimensional beings. Utilizing sound, geometry, light codes and pulse, and powerful Solfeggio sacred sounds, you will be guided in the process of activating the sacred geometry of the tetrahedron (with the third strand) and then, in the final activation, of the star tetrahedron (the merkaba) bringing in the fourth, fifth and sixth strands – and setting the template for the eventual manifestation of additional two tetrahedrons of DNA, creating the twelve-stranded DNA matrix.

That will happen when it is time. When you have evolved to that Christ Consciousness that IS the twelve-stranded human being. When the planetary vibrations are raised to that point where we are ascending to mastery on a planetary field that provides that vibratory signature and resonant harmonics. We are not there yet. But we are on our way.


“I’m at Part 6 on the course and I love the solfeggio and sacred sound, I felt each activation or wave of energy! Amazing…
In gratitude”

Marisa Crivello

“I just finished the first session and wow! Not only powerful information (I will need to listen to this quite a few times to digest again everything) but also powerful energy flooding in…. Connection was immediate. I could feel it so strongly and it is still working its way through the body.
So again, WELL DONE and THANK YOU!!!”

Pascale Reymond

“I wish to congratulate you to your profound DNA Activation on-line course, the Divine Blueprint.
To me it was a very deep experience. I feel blessed and thank you from the depth of my heart for this rare gem of a so powerful inner transformation process.
Thank you and much love,”

Imgard Wutte

COST: You may purchase any segment(s) separately (by clicking the link above), but I recommend you purchase the entire course in order to benefit from its energetic progression, in its entirety. Please be aware that, should you choose to purchase an individual segment, and then decide to purchase the whole course, your previous purchase will not be discounted against the price of the complete course.

Individual segments are 20 EUR each

Entire Course (all 8 segments) 120.00 EUR (saving of 40 EURO) – 5 ½ hours.

The information disclosed in this program is not to be taken as medical or psychological advice, as I am not a trained or licensed professional. Rather, it is intended to serve as a compendium of theoretical information developed in my books and in harmony with several leading alternative authors, teachers and philosophers who are seeking answers to the human experience – answers that simply do not fit the old paradigms of a civilization that is leaping forward, diving into the uncharted waters of the multidimensional universe.

By purchasing part or all of this material you are morally, ethically and legally bound, due to copyright and licensing restrictions, not to transfer or reproduce any or all of the material, nor to transfer your access code to any third party. You are free to use the activations in your courses, healing workshops, healing sessions as facilitators for others.

To experience the course as it should be heard, be sure to use your headphones throughout.