Patricia Cori


"She is brilliant, people!"

Lou Gossett, Jr.
academy award winning actor and producer

Winner of BEST SCREENPLAY! London Independent Film Festival 2017

A globally recognized personality and world-renowned author, Patricia Cori has successfully authored fourteen published books, several of them bestsellers, in over twenty-two languages, which constitute, conservatively, over a million readers internationally. For over two decades, they have captivated the imagination of readers questioning the status quo and searching for answers to the meaning of our lives on this planet – and beyond. They continue to be reprinted, considered “essential reading” to her expanding international fan base, and she is constantly being interviewed on alternative and mainstream media, while she continues to author new works, the latest, Hacking the God Code, having just been released in October, 2022.

She has also appeared as herself in several documentary films.

Her first foray into fiction, The Emissary, received accolades from media, celebrities and fellow authors, as well as devoted fans. A versatile writer and storyteller, she ventured into the world of screenwriting with this gripping thriller and has since completed seven original screenplays, which include award-winning Elephants in the Room (in pre-production) and Buried Alive (in development), and one adaptation for screen, A Gift Most Rare (in development.) She is currently penning her latest thriller, The Crow People, expanding her passion across genres, as she so loves to do!

A prolific writer and world adventurer, Patricia Cori is a natural storyteller. Whether she’s dangling from a cliff in Peru, rescuing abandoned animals, or climbing into caves and ancient tunnels, she brings her adventurous spirit and vision to stories that touch human lives. Stories that cross genre lines. Stories for young and old, skeptics and dreamers, and everybody in-between.


Something unfathomable – something that will change the history and future of mankind – is hidden in the deep waters of the Pacific. The powers that be do not want the world to know. Brought aboard an oil research vessel to help locate drill sights, powerful psychic, Jamie Hastings, makes instant contact with the whales who guard the deep – and her true mission is revealed to her. Now, she must convince the captain that whales in the ocean are guiding her to save Earth from an imminent apocalypse.

Can Jamie time travel back ten thousand years to retrieve the only key to unlocking the grip of dark forces intent on bringing Earth to extinction? The way is hidden in her ancient memory – where she must triumph over evil and her own demons to bring it forward and rewrite Earth’s narrative. It is one minute to midnight. And she has a long way to go.

SOUL SNATCHERS – part three of the trilogy
2056. Earth’s Emissary, Jamie Hastings, joins a team of galactic guardians aboard Alliance Base Gamma Nine to investigate alarming distress calls from across the galaxy – and possibly beyond. Outside, in the cold winds of space, swarms of robotic space bugs engulf the ship, determined to snatch the soul of a small boy for reasons only Jamie understands. She knows who’s calling. And only she can free the ship from their clutches to save him.

ELEPHANTS IN THE ROOM (in pre-production)
On an unexpected trip to Kenya, a wealthy, unhappily married woman and her autistic son meet an extraordinary prophetess/medicine woman, who helps them both unlock their hearts, own their power, and be healed in the light of Africa.

BURIED ALIVE (In development) Adaptation from Cori’s book, Where Pharaohs Dwell, published with North Atlantic Books/Random House distribution.
After a woman undergoes a hypnotic regression in which she relives a torturous death in Egypt, she begins to piece together an ancient puzzle that leads her on a mind-blowing supernatural adventure in the land of the Pharaohs.
SEMI-FINALIST winner in the prestigious Scriptapalooza Competition 2017

THE CROW PEOPLE (Work in progress) In a backwards town in rural Alabama, a young woman’s escape from her brutalizing husband is only the beginning of a nightmare no one could ever imagine…


A GIFT MOST RARE (in development) Adaptation from the book A GIFT MOST RARE by author, Tom Leihbacher. A near-death experience and the angel who pulls him back awaken a young man to his true mission in life and the ultimate power of love.



“A uniquely exciting adventure that captures your heart and soul.”

—Beau Bridges

“A beautiful story. I love it! Producers are going to be scrambling for the film rights…”
—Salomon Gill, director/producer

“Wow, what a read! The Emissary brings us government skullduggery, sexy agents, catastrophic events, high-sea adventure, singing whales and a cosmic secret. What’s not to love in this fast-paced page turner?”
—Jim Marrs, New York Times best-selling author

“I am a giant fan of creativity that takes us out of our daily thinking. Patricia Cori has penned just such a tale. A broad fantasy adventure that speaks to those who want to think differently and challenge the daily onslaught against nature and our own future.”
—Pen Densham, Oscar-nominated screenwriter, director, producer, author, and artist

“To risk all to save our oceans is a testament to passion, imagination, and courage. Many truths are revealed by fiction and The Emissary does just that.”
—Captain Paul Watson, founder of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

“Simply brilliant!”
—Tanya Roberts, actor

“I’m still without words to fully describe how impressed I am. Each time I read through the screenplay, I spot new things that I somehow did not fully see or appreciate before. Multi-layered tones, textures, colors and subtleties that naturally blend and meld together to create a brilliant work.” 
—Tom Leihbacher, Author of A Gift Most Rare