Are you ready to release all impediments to your ascension preparedness, as we move ever closer to our solar, planetary and personal ascension journey? The process begins with releasing all hooks, chains, cords, implants and attachments so that you are free to soar on the wings of your soul’s destiny – to higher dimensions! In this powerful guided activation, and in the vest of Trydya of Antaraas bequeathed upon her by the Sirian High Council, Patricia assists you in the liberating process of releasing all impediments and prior contracts, reclaiming your sovereignty. Once cleared, you will be guided to walk into your cellular body, where you will repair and recode the DNA – activating the sacred geometrical form of the star tetrahedron (six strands of DNA) and prepare the template in your cellular memory for full 12 stranded DNA consciousness.

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“I had an extraordinary experience when I connected into both the incantation and this powerful activation video yesterday afternoon. Never before have I connected in so deeply to a guided meditation and the release of old patterns, stories, chords, beliefs – I actually broke down and released some heavy stuff. My whole body has been re-tuning itself since.

This was quite a revelation for me since I have always stopped myself – thank you, Patricia, for all your divine work and sharing.”

Joan Northrup