Patricia Cori Courses - Write It!


So, you have a book in you waiting to be expressed! Or perhaps you got somewhere midstream and ran out of steam, out of purpose, clarity of intent.

Let’s get to it and turn that into a fabulous work of your artistic talent!

This four-hour intensive clearly won’t teach you in-depth structure, character development and story outline that can take years of training, study and practice. But it will give you that boost, that kick in the backside to help you find your inspiration, to get you thinking about what you want to say and how to write it with clarity and definition, and what it takes to structure your story so that it captivates the audience so that they can’t put your book down!


The intensive was taught live in two segments, to participants who joined via zoom meeting.


  • Three types of books: Channeled; How To/Self Help; Novel. I will address all three formats, but the thrust of the workshop will be on the novel, the story teller’s manuscript.
  • Inspiration, visualization and the birthing of your idea – drawing from your life experience, people you’ve met, who you are, and your dreams.
  • Finding your own true voice and expression – and purpose in writing your book
  • Where writers get stuck – defining your story
  • Description, character development, character arc
  • Plot, Story arc
  • Pace and the three parts to any book and story


  • Inspiration and the essence of story telling
  • three genres: channeled, self-help, novel
  • from idea to story: how to focus your lens
  • define your protagonist and his or her struggle and obstruction
  • perspective and setting
  • structure and flow
  • protagonist/antagonist and that dynamic relationship
  • exercise


  • Plot and story arc
  • The three act structure
  • Character arc: positive, flat and negative arcs
  • Compelling characters – building your characters and their environment
  • Archetype vs stereotype
  • exercise

There will be exercises mid-way and at the end of the second part of the course. A 1 page exercise after part 1 submitted to me through the CONTACT PAGE will be read, and pointers returned to the you between parts one and two, provided you allow for a few days between segments to give me time to read them. Part 2 exercise will also be read provided you are proceeding to part 3: dialogue and style. (part 3 will be recorded March 13 2021 and made available for purchase shortly after.)

COST: 30.00 euros


“Patricia Cori is as brilliant at teaching writing as she is at the craft. She shares her passion and wisdom in a way that allows you to rekindle your love affair with the written word.This course is the best investment I have ever made.”
– Dr. Cora Pettipas

“I have absolutely loved spending time with Patricia during her latest series of ‘Write It’ Workshops. I just knew when she offered this class, that I had to join and I was not disappointed with the content and all that I have learned so far. Patricia has an infectious energy & enthusiasm and you cannot help but get excited about how to write a book, ‘a novel’ that you had no idea beforehand. This is most definitely the case for me. I was intending to write a memoire, yet now I know to reach a wider audience with my message to write a novel is the way to go. Patricia has brought a creativity out of me, that I had never contemplated before, & has certainly got my mind & my creative juices going.

Patricia has gone into great detail with regards to how to captivate and keep your audience interested. All aspects of writing are discussed within this workshop & I highly recommend this workshop, which is invaluable to getting your book started, continuing if you are stuck in the middle or finishing. There is so much to learn and is a high value course considering what you walk away with after covering this material. Patricia discusses all aspects of writing & publishing a book from her years of extensive experience.

I am looking forward to our next class and continuing this journey. I have been inspired with new ideas and have learn a whole new way to go about writing a novel.
Thank you! So appreciated,”

– Geraldine Heil

“I feel i have learnea great deal and i appreciate the time you have taken to inspire others to pursue their dreams.
I especially love the personal touch and your authenticity when you teach and incorporate your story along the way…”

– Jazy Savery

For ethical, moral and legal reasons, you are not allowed to share your access code or reproduce any or all of the course, in part or in entirety, without express permission from Patricia Cori, SoulSpeak Productions.