Not Our Keepers

Patricia Cori

The rapid decline of civilization
Is an aberration –
Effrontery to Divine Creation.

Woman, man, girl or boy
are words to be erased
in haste.

Culture, country, hearth and home
These, too, have no place
and will be aced.

Black, white, shades and hues
No face is safe
No kin, no skin
It’s all a separation ruse –
Illusion we are living in.

Humanity has been defaced
and sentiment retraced
with hate.


cyclical as nature flows
darkness comes, and darkness goes.
Those whose souls they’ve sold
for plastic mountains filled with gold
feel how cruel the cold wind blows.

Despairing, they see their endless diffusion
of fear and confusion
coming around
evil unwound
mirroring back to them
all their delusion.

We, the knowing
push forward, glowing
It’s hope that we feel,
And love, overflowing.

Freedom sings, it hopes, it soars
rising in us all
ring the bells at city hall

©2021 Patricia Cori