My departure point for this stream of consciousness is this: a thank you to those of you who are willing to discuss, to argue and disagree, to question and seek answers, together – without discrediting the other… without creating a personal attack, and shaming anyone who doesn’t see the world from your same perspective.

Several times here on my page we’ve had disagreements and counter conversations that by and large have been conducted with respect and willingness to question and examine our own truths as well as those of others. We learn a lot from each other in this way and we must never stop. As long as we have a way to reach each other, we must never stop.

There are of course those who prefer to malign and denounce whatever rattles their mind cage. I get at least one a week and that is because I DARE to question the comfort zone, the plan, the good guy/bad guy divide, etc.

Our vehicles of communication are being shut down. Everything is censored and that will be getting more ferocious. Our opportunities to be together have been squelched. Families no longer get together for holidays, time for sharing, loving caring for their elders. The forum enjoyed by countless civilizations, those striving for freedom, is all but a faint memory. The ancient Greeks and Romans must surely be weeping in the heavens for all that they fought for, and we have thrown to the wolves.

However flawed, soc media still provides us a way to speak to each other. But I see more and more that if you don’t sign a pledge of allegiance to a group think – a position – about issues facing us in this drastic time on Planet Gaia, then even within the community of people of spirit and enlightenment and truth seeking – there is often a tendency to dismiss, humiliate and attack. This is no news to anyone – just that it is a warning sign – a huge warning sign – that we are dealing with mind controlled individuals not only drinking the cabal kool aid but also the ONE WAY to resolution scenario that, to be honest, is full of flaws and at the very least questionable actions, events and statements.

George Bush’s ominous comment “You’re either with us or you’re against us” surely is playing out – even in the alternative communities.
Thank you to people who understand the art of argumentation and debate. We do not want to melt our visions and perception into some amalgam of group mind. As thinking beings in this life-altering time on this tiny blue orb in space, we are faced with so much disinformation, untruths and pure insanity that it is very difficult to stay in discernment. Let us continue to look at issues, to question reality – without losing respect for opposing views. Without cancelling the person who does just that. We are ALL WE’VE GOT at the moment, in the sense of dialogue and sharing of ideas.

I’m out here daring to question several narratives – from both sides. I do this to keep people THINKING rather than BELIEVING. Once you’ve got your heels dug into a belief system, you are done. And God help you if that base you cling to, that certainty that keeps you anchored to your righteous ground, gets overturned.

I do not claim to have the answers to this insane world.


Let US chew on them, examine them, consider the smokescreen in all its vastness and scope – and question TOGETHER the reality we are being asked to believe, swallow and accept as truth.

And as always – to those who choose to be “disappointed” or “disapproving” or outright hateful of me because I dare not FOLLOW the crowd… I unfriend you immediately because you simply do not have the maturity or the humanity to disagree with an opinion, or a thought stream – but instead choose the cancel culture opt out on people you have shared so much with. It is one thing not to agree. It is another to dismiss the PERSON.

To you I say: Go in Peace.

To everyone else I say thank you, keep up the good work, remember to keep your BS meters finally tuned and brace yourselves for the show of shows.

Feel my love around you.