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Through her best-selling globally acclaimed books, lectures, and public appearances, Patricia Cori has been sounding the WAKE UP CALL for decades!

Patricia has helped thousands of people cope with the stresses of our modern world. She teaches how you can find your purpose, develop your inner strength and power … and create abundance in your life.

A beloved teacher, guide and visionary, she is a walking example of joyful living, while still being keenly aware of the challenges of our dramatically changing world – change, she believes, that is opening the way to extraordinary developments for the Earth and all its inhabitants: humans, the animals, all living creatures that paint the landscape of this great planet.

Her latest book (and first fictional work), THE EMISSARY, takes the reader on a journey into the questions of our Earth’s evolutionary future through the eyes of her heroine, Jamie Hastings, a psychic who is guided by the Great Whales to bring an urgent message to humanity. What is Patricia telling us in these spellbinding pages?

Don’t miss this adventure. Get your copy now – and find out!

The Emissary is a uniquely exciting adventure that captures the heart and soul of the reader.
Beau Bridges

“The Emissary brings us government skullduggery, sexy agents, catastrophic events, high- sea adventure, singing whales and a cosmic secret — what’s not to like in this fast paced page turner?”
Jim Marrs, New York Times Best Selling author

“A fast-moving thriller entwined with a vitally important message for us all.”
Peter Brightman, CEO. International Entertainment Corporation – London – UAE – NY

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