On the Horizon:
2020 – The Breakthrough Year

Return to Atlantis
May 31-June 6, 2020

Galactic streams are pouring over our solar system with great force and expanse as we move so very close now to solar ascension. Lightworkers, it is time for us to expand our capacity to hold light and to extend it further and further out, through every layer, to our loved ones, our communities, the world and beyond. The dolphin beings are our teachers, for they are emissaries of galactic and multidimensional beings from every dimension – the Pleaidies, Sirius, Andromeda and on out. Imagine, truly, what an experience and gift it is to swim with them in the open sea?

This is your opportunity to open your heart as it has never been opened before, and be healed, and be celebrated and loved.

This program is designed to allow people interested in both Atlantis and Bosnia to be able to do both, with transport time between.

To receive the program and registration form, now open, please send an email through this site.

“I want to thank you for the work you do and all that you are. You are a huge inspiration for me and the trip was the start of a new chapter in my personal and professional evolution. I hold the experience and your guidance deep in my heart.”
Victoria Fox

Unveiling the Mysteries of the Bosnian Pyramid
June 8-14, 2020

The history of intelligent life on this planet and Earth herself is being re-written, despite all the resistance from the established religions, archeologists, historians and politicians. One of the architects of incredible discover is Dr. Sam Osmanagic, who has discovered a pyramid complex in Bosnia which is larger than and predates the Great Pyramid of Egypt! Imagine being privileged to have private time with him, deep within the tunnels of this structure, where claims are that the healing energies are incredible powerful and still absolutely intact?

This is the first time SoulQuest Journeys offers you Bosnian pyramids – and as always, in a way that you have that very private experience, where all the magic lies.

To receive the program and registration form, now open, please send an email through this site.

Eat, Pray, Dream & Be Healed – Under a Tuscan Sun

( Dates to be determined )

For an utterly blissful time of healing in sacred thermal baths, dining on exquisite biologically grown and prepared gourmet food, learning to cook wondrous Italian specialties (as only the Italians know how to do!) and relaxing in luxury spas – oh my! We will follow the Etruscan trail to Tuscany, each step filled with magic and where we will visit an ancient chapel, built around a rock that holds an ancient 12th century sword – Excalibur!

Journey includes a two day workshop with Patricia, Healing and Restructuring the DNA. If you love yourself and believe you deserve to be pampered, and healed, and know the meaning of healing waters – this journey is for you!

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