You asked for audio books, so I’m creating them!

In this, the first of the audio series of my books, narrated by me directly, the Sirians once again hold us to our responsibility as guardians of this planet, with sound direction and advice for how to get through these shifting sands of our transition. Their discussions delve into many of the most crucial issues of our time, including the merging of human mind and artificial intelligence, exoplanetary migration from the earth and what that means to planets that will receive us, coming clean about cloning, the care and feeding of the human being, and the slipping of time as we know it – sign of our emergence into the fourth dimension.

As the struggle between darkness and light is being fought at every level, let us take comfort in the fact that the Sirian High Council foresaw and told us how this time of immense upheaval would be the last phase of our passage out of the darkness and into the light of far more illuminated states of being.

Narrated by Patricia Cori
Sound Editor: Roger Sylver, Solid Silver Sounds

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