Just Some of Patricia’s Appearances…

Soul Adventure TV with Steve Crow
TV 1 Bulgaria with Rumen Kovachev
The Alchemy of Light with Djamil Gamel
Exopolitics with Alfred Webre
Coast to Coast FM with George Noory
21st Century Radio with Dr. Zoe Hieronomus
The Occult Network with Curtis Davis
UFO Paranormal Network with Jeffrey Pritchett
The Hillary Raimo Show
Divine Love with Christopher Rudy
The Cari Murphy Show
Free Spirit TV
BUFO Radio
The Ann Walker show
Starseed Energy Radio
As Above So Below Radio with Martin Hodges
Theater of the Mind Radio with Kelly Howell
Playboy Radio
In the Spirit Radio with Gary Goldberg
The Daily Buzz Radio
The Urban Journal Radio WEAA FM with Keith Murphy
KJAC Radio Montreal with Tommy Schurnmaker
Jimmy Church Radio
Agape Live with Reverend Michael Bethwick
Unity Online radio with Temple Hays
Inspirations with Lisa Garr, Gaiam TV