Reflections from the Council

“You cannot find your dream of peace – utopia – and the celebration of soul in any other context but from that essence of what already is, that which is within you, now.

It does not come from outside of you, no matter how you fantasize or believe that events will change you, and your earth reality. To long for a future where you will only know light and beauty and shed the weightiness of how you perceive your current physical lives and density is to deny the capacity you have to draw from that infinite illumination that can only come from within, remembering the cellular wisdom of your fully activated light strings as much as you remember being from other worlds, other dimensions.

To understand the eternity of one moment, this one, this only one, is the most simple of spiritual concepts and yet it is the most difficult to grasp, while you are still tethered to the illusion of time.

To long for anything that is not your present is to deny your ability to affect everything around you by interacting with it vibrationally, or rather raising it to your highest frequencies. Light, the love language of being. Your projection of the beyond, the future – whatever you perceive anything but the now to be – only denies you the power that you need right now to create that utopia – to mold it from the muddy waters of chaos that are blinding your vision of divine beauty in the perpetuation of destabilizing unfolding events on your planet.

We have told you before but feel compelled to repeat it here: there is order in chaos, there is universal design, structure, and form. Utilize those elements, and you will experience immense acceleration that you often believe will come from outside of you – from celestial mechanics, perhaps – but which can only come from within you.

It comes from the complete unity of mind body and spirit. It is the trinity of the highest order. And it exists within every cell of your being… you only need to remember who you truly are and that is a spark of divine being. Then you trust. And then you celebrate all of it, rather than awaiting something beyond your reach, always keeping you stretched, out of balance, waiting.

We reach you in the light of the One, the Cosmos of Soul.
We are the Sirian High Council”

Through Channel, Patricia Cori 6/16/2020