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How would you like to connect with ancient wisdom hidden in the Earth’s most sacred sites, guided by a spiritual teacher intimately familiar with the secrets of Egyptian tombs, Mayan temples and sacred mountain peaks of the Inca? Are you ready to walk into a crop circle in the fields of Wiltshire, experiencing the temporary temples of what may very well be the most important interdimensional experience currently available to humanity? Take yourself to the sacred sites of this Earth now. I would love to have you join me and reconnect with the soul family who will form the group of seekers who chose to walk that path. A mystical, life-altering experience awaits you.

I lead about four mystical pilgrimages every year as part of my SoulQuest™ Journeys, guiding spiritual travelers to ancient temples, tombs and other sacred sites in Egypt, England, Mexico, Peru and wherever mystery awaits. We work with shamans and indigenous people who hold the wisdom in these mystical sites, approaching them as initiates and seekers. We connect with supernatural forces, spirits and ancient messengers, seeking to unlock the gates between the veils. We swim with dolphins, asking to learn their messages for humanity and to feel the joy of their evolved experience.

2015 started off with a bang with a February trip in Egypt which was so successful we’re going back in November – Egypt by night and then Red Sea dolphin swims by day! Other exciting programs include Atlantis Awakening – in the Azores Islands and Whale Whisperers’ Panama excursion! Be sure to investigate and get in on these life-altering journeys at: the SoulQuest™ Sacred Journeys website link for up-to-date information and registration pages.

Ours is a beautiful world, full of mystery, wisdom and beauty – waiting for you to taste of the magic, and the wonder. Join me and other like-minded souls as we attune to the pulse of nature: of all that has come before – and the splendor of our human experience, unfolding.

August 12-19, 2017
Patricia Cori

Far from the noise of a chaotic world…
Remote to the dangers and stress of a frenzied civilization
lies a place called the Azores
Where the air is pure, the water is clear
And the dolphins and whales are revered and protected.
Come. More than a vacation… This is a revelation.

12 August Day 1 – ARRIVAL
Arrive at your Azores destination – Horta, Azores. Our representative will meet your flight and transfer you to your hotel, where you can settle in and sleep off the jet lag if you’ve come from afar. If you are traveling from overseas you will most likely overnight in Lisbon before taking your Horta flight the next day so this should be a great opportunity to cope with jetlag. Or you may want to lounge at the pool, or dig your heels into the sand at nearby Porto Pim Bay. You will be met with an info pack of suggestions on where to eat, and what’s available for you. Flight information and suggestions will be provided upon registration, once we know where you’re coming in from.

13/14 August Day 2&3 – THE TEMPLES OF YHZNU MYSTERY SCHOOL WORKSHOP WITH PATRICIA: The Dolphin Attunements – Psychic alignment with the Cetacean world. Crystal healing and multidimensional portals of Ancient Atlantis. The galactic whales and dolphins – the Q’iquoqi’ – and their imprinting of the cosmic seas. Workshop closes with sunset meditation on the beach, reaching out to the Q’iquoq’i, the mighty whales and the dolphin beings, to embrace us as ambassadors of the human race and former Atlanteans, who have returned to reawaken the dream.

15 August Day 4 – TRAINING/SWIM WITH DOLPHINS After breakfast we make our way to the base, a leisurely 10 minute stroll from the hotel. The team will assess your swimming and snorkeling competence and there will be time for practice in shallow waters. There will be a safety briefing and an overview of ethical protocols on how the boat approaches dolphins and whales in the open sea. Our first outing FOLLOWS – swimming with dolphins.

Patricia will bring her crystal skull, SOTHIS, which we will work with out at sea – calling out to the dolphin memory, amplifying their echolation sensors and vibration … and recording the crystalline codes of the waters. Bring your crystals!

After our morning excursion – lunch and afternoon are free to enjoy on your own. Evening we will go to a point on the island where we can observe migrations of seabirds at sunset and later in the night. The nature of this island is beyond breathtaking.

16 August Day 4 – SWIM WITH DOLPHINS/NATURE TREK – After breakfast, we return to the base, from where we depart for our second dolphin swim. Lunch on your own. Afternoon we will go by jeep to tour the incredible volcano – the Caldera – where we will join in meditation. Trekkers amongst you may decide you want to hike the perimeter of the Caldera – we can arrange for you to have transport back to the hotel after the rest of the group. We want this to be structured as loosely as possible so that you have the space you need to find your own truth and celebration!

Bring a sandwich or snacks for when we stop to picnic, wherever we decide is right – looking over the world from the heights of our Atlantean memories! This is nature in all its glory – the paradise of early Atlantis. Photographers: this is a feast for your lens!! Bring your gear.

Evening enjoy a vegetarian buffet dinner in Patricia’s own home with views of the world that will take your breath away and of course, where we will engage in deep conversation about everything from Atlantean technologies, underwater pyramids, ET and whatever else we wish to share. And – who knows? We may have a glass of wine on the terrace and watch the stars for SPACE SHIPS – deep into the night, if that is our calling! Everything depends on nature, the weather, our group energies and, of course, ET navigators….

17 August Day 5 – WHALE WATCHING – After breakfast, we embark on a whale watching expedition. Azores has more species of cetaceans than any other place in the world! We may even see the mighty blue whale – although it is late for them in these dates – and our captain will do his best to take us as close as possible! Afternoon free to swim, snorkel, go hiking, rest, dream of Atlantis … absorb.

18 August Day 6 – FREE DAY! This is your vacation and nature calls! Enjoy the day with leisure. We can provide any additional services or tours of the island. Or just swim the blue waters…and listen to the song of the sea. People seeking clairvoyant readings with Patricia can book them on this day. Optional tutoring in the mysteries of Atlantis can also be arranged either privately or as a group.

Hopefully we will all dine together for some heady conversation and shared experiences.

19 August Day 7 – Departure day – how did it come so soon? Try to book your flight in the afternoon so that you still have a relatively full day to play, swim, explore. Details about flights follow.


  • 7 nights accommodation (based on double occupancy) with breakfast included in four-star (by island standards) hotel.
  • 2 dolphin swims/1 whale watching expedition on private chartered boats for just our group. (note: as we are dealing with the wild, the program is subject to weather, water conditions and of course the will of the dolphins and the whales. Forgive us if we reiterate that you MUST BE flexible and understand that we cannot be held responsible if circumstances (weather, water conditions, etc.) do not allow us to go out on any given day or if the whales and dolphins are not sighted when we need them!)
  • All island excursions indicated in program
  • Use of snorkeling gear
  • RT airport transfers
  • 2 day workshop with Patricia Cori, director of THE TEMPLES OF YHZNU MYSTERY SCHOOL.
  • Buffet dinner party in Patricia’s own home

Not included:

  • International flights
  • Meals other than breakfast and buffet at Patricia’s house
  • Tips
  • Extras
  • Bank transfer fees
  • Private sessions or tutoring with Patricia Cori

Cost: euro 1,795. per person, based on double occupancy * If you are not traveling with someone we will do our best to arrange a roomshare for you but we cannot guarantee it. If one month prior to arrival we have not found a match for you we will need to apply the single supplement charge for single room of additional 500.00.

How to get there: Your destination is Horta Airport, Faial Island, the Azores, Portugal. Flights are limited and fill early because the request for the island is very high in this period and there are only limited flights available. If you are coming from outside Europe, check with a travel agent for best routing. You need to be sure that you are ARRIVING on the 12 August – so be aware that if you are coming from overseas you will probably need to layover in Lisbon if you choose to travel through that hub. SATA airlines flies direct from Toronto to San Miguel Island, but then again you must connect from San Miguel Island to Horta. The most convenient way to do this is to fly to Lisbon, overnight in a hotel there and then the next day take your flight to Horta.

Payment: To secure your place in this program, which will only be able to accept 20 participants due to limited hotel availability and services, you will be required to make full payment at time of registration.

Payments are fully refundable if you need to cancel up until April 12th, at which time no refunds will be issued.

Payment must be made by international bank transfer only – directly to Patricia Cori. Please be sure to pay bank charges on your end.

To receive a registration form please click here to download a program then contact us to have us send the form, or contact us if you have any questions.

Please bear in mind that the window of opportunity to take part in this trip is very small – and registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Fence-sitters will not make it!  Blessings – see you in Atlantis!

Please note – there are scuba diving programs on the island with accreditation. If you are interested in this, you may need to plan to stay longer to follow the course. Let us know – we will be happy to arrange it for you.

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