Excerpts taken from the book – Beyond Area 51 by Mack Malone

You may have read or seen video footage about the alleged alien “ambassador,” who called himself J-Rod, who was one of two surviving Greys captured when their craft crashed in Kingman, Arizona, in the early fifties. The photo above is said to be one of the rare images of the being to be leaked out of Area 51.

A man by the name of Dan Burisch was a “microbiologist who worked for naval intelligence and the Defense Intelligence Agency from 1991-1996 and at one point went to work at Area 51/Groom Lake and then S4.”

At S4, he was asked to take tissue samples from the captured alien with whom he became close friends over the next two years. During this time, J-Rod revealed to Burisch that “his race had actually inhabited Earth many thousands of years prior, before being forced to leave by several factors: a shift in the poles; extensive solar flares; extensive crumbling of Earth’s mantle.”

He told Burisch that his species had wandered the stars, but that now they had returned to retrieve what Burisch said J-Rod referred to as a “lost genetic factor” from the human race, and hopefully to establish a friendship “if possible.”

After being probed, tested and imprisoned at Area 51, Burisch, the one person who cared for J-Rod’s mental and emotional well-being during his confinement, supposedly brought him to Abydos, in Egypt, “a natural star gate,” where Burisch himself pushed his alien friend through the stargate – from where he disappeared, never to be seen again.

I have personally attested to this extraordinary energy at Abydos and have described some of the anomalies in my book, WHERE PHARAOHS DWELL. Over the years, with the many seekers I have brought to Egypt, I have experienced other dimensions there – warping of time – and physical energy shifts.

We have spent time in the living library of the Temple of Sety 1, and also visited the timeless OSIRION, which my friend, the renowned Hakim Awyan, and I agree is at least 50,000 years old – defying the history books and the establishment archeological legends. It is exceptional that we still have the opportunity to experience such powerful vortices.

The sacred Egypt journey THROUGH THE STARGATES, October 11-22, 2016, does not include Abydos in the original program but we are offering it as an optional for a small fee.

Here is my appeal to all the seekers amongst you. With the world in a state of confusion and disrepair, your opportunities to ever experience such places are diminishing and surely after the elections in the U.S. there will be more restrictions. Temples are being ravaged around the world (one was just destroyed in Mexico by fanatic Jehovas Witnesses), and I don’t know how much longer Abydos will be there for us.

Therefore, if you have the dream of visiting Egypt – while these unrivaled energies are still intact, please make the decision NOW to register for the trip. Write me at info@sirianrevelations.net to receive the registration form and do it now! While there is still time to make this happen for yourself. I promise you the journey of a lifetime!!

I only ask that you don’t look back years from now and regret never having seen or experienced the wonder that is Egypt – the mother of all sacred journeys!!