Patricia Cori
Greetings one and all!
How long has it been since my last newsletter, you ask? Answer – at least a year! I have been so immersed in work that the months float away in this mutating time-space continuum (where the Sirian High Council say the secret government has been punching holes for decades), and I only just now am digging my way out! But no complaints, I am creating so much new content, working on my autobiography – THEY CALL ME “INDIANA” – writing screenplays (two are in development as I write!) and more. So here’s the news, with much much more to come.
But first, I want to welcome all my new subscribers! Thanks for joining my growing list of like-minded souls, friends and soul family. At this difficult and perilous time on our beloved planet, we are reaching out to each other more than ever before, finding ways to keep truth alive – and to help each other shine the lantern of hope and wisdom across the waves – in every sense of the word!
Ok here goes:
The awakening human race is rising! If you have not seen the video footage from two MAJOR protests, one in Berlin the other in London, please have a look at this! We are demanding our freedom, the sovereignty over our own bodies (for starters), and while this protest grows more and more people are beginning to see through the design of the plandemic that has, as its primary goal, the total servitude of the human race. Yep, fear-based enslavement – and all they had to do was manipulate events that create survival fear so powerful – so exacerbated by the controlled media – that people would hand over even their right to breathe. Take a look at the sweet beauty of humanity taking back the power:

BERLIN: AND THANK YOU, ROBERT KENNEDY for your heroism, along with everyone else who participated:

LONDON – UNITE FOR FREEDOM: Note that the speaker, Mark Steele, will be back on my show, Beyond the Matrix, this month!

Be fearless in your communities, with family who are even willing to disown you if you don’t follow the narrative control line. If they are that brainwashed, you may have to let go for a time, praying that they will awaken from the nightmare and see the light of reason.
People asking for a prediction of what’s ahead:
Look for the tightening of the screw through November and the US election. The cabal is waging all out war against Trump, and against the human race – you are well aware of what is underway. Plandemic, racial division stirred by false flag events and paid, organized antifa terrorism, censorship on all social media ramping up by the hour, etc. You know the drill. They already know a second wave of the “virus” is coming – now, let’s see. How is that possible? And that, my friends, is a rhetorical question.
Once we get past the election, we will have a better idea of where we are going as a species. In the meantime, take off your masks and BREATHE. If that means avoiding shops and, in some places even public parks, then avoid them. Not only are you cutting off the proper oxygen intake your body needs, breathing in your own carbon dioxide, but you are cutting off the flow of prana and that is your connection – to SOURCE. And unquestionably, that is the desire of the satanic mafia behind it – cutting off your connection to Source to diminish the light of higher consciousness of homo sapiens.
Let the air, let the prana flow, baby.
Fill your home with plants, especially those that emit high volumes of oxygen, and BREATHE BREATHE BREATHE. This too shall pass. (Who said that – Shakespeare?)
I am sharing a lot of information on my youtube channel. There will never be a subscription or membership fee. For now this is my best vehicle for bringing you information that is vital, from my perspective. It is always about facing the unfolding reality, and finding positive ways to grow and learn from what it – understanding how darkness works so that we can shine light into those dark corners.
So please subscribe, if you have not already! I DO NOT KNOW how much longer FB will allow me to post – they have already given me a strike for my “disobedience,” and you may only be able to find me on youtube – for the foreseeable future. Or my websites, which I am now updating and activating. But youtube is my primary venue at the moment. Here’s the link:
Please share with like-minded friends and even those who are still resisting the wake-up call. I’m blessed with a track record of getting through to some die-hards, and maybe I can help.
I have three primary programs on my youtube channel for the moment:
  1. BEYOND THE MATRIX: from the format of my original radio program on BBS Radio, many years ago, in which I interview amazing representatives from the alternative/truth movement, natural health experts, voices for peace, disclosure, empowerment, liberation. And what a line-up! In the next two weeks I have the pleasure of having back on: Disclosure Project Top Secret Military Witness Dan Willis together with the legendary Dr. Michael Salla, Sacha Stone (taking up where we left off in our first interview,) Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot, Mark Steele, 5G expert par excellence, and the inimitable Magenta Pixie. In the meantime, if you haven’t been watching, there is a library of content awaiting your perusal.
  2. THE RED PILL REPORT: News, information and probe into the sizzling hot questions of the hour – down the rabbit hole – and back out again!
  3. A MOMENT OF ZEN: Inspiration, reflections, messages from the Sirian High Council and food for thought for the soul.
Town Hall
I had a brainstorm a few weeks ago, after listening to so many people despairing over having no one to really talk to in this time of spiritual war for your mind and soul. They’re listening to the many voices, including mine, who are bringing forward a lot of information and debating together, but still… only listening or at best commenting in chat rooms. And I thought “wait! Hold on here! How about if I create a Town Hall zoom meeting every few weeks where people can come in and talk with me and with each other, and share their wisdom, concerns, experience and questions?
We have had two meetings so far – both amazing – and a third is about to be announced mid-September. To register, I ask a modest 15 euro donation, which helps keep the number of participants at a manageable group and also helps me dedicate the additional time and energy to make that happen.
I always post TOWN HALL meeting times and dates on FB and youtube, along with instructions on how to make your donation and receive your link to the meeting – so watch for it! And come on in! You DO HAVE a community of people to talk to!
As for other social media presence… I don’t know how long they will allow me to continue to speak my truth. However, I am activating my blog directly on my primary website,, so that I will still have that venue to get info out to you.
  • SOULQUEST JOURNEYS this year have been postponed to 2021 due to the covid drama. I will have them posted on websites shortly – to include: the Bosnia Pyramids, Return to Atlantis dolphin swims, and Egypt on the Nile. Stay Tuned.


I dropped you information about this event yesterday – please be sure to sign up, it’s free too! Great speakers, a ton of great information. Here’s the link:
THE OCTOBER ON-LINE AMRA KONGRESS (for my German friends!)

channelling kongress

Delighted to be taking part in this on-line October conference through my publisher, Amra, who have recently published my last book, THE NEW SIRIAN REVELATIONS, in German editions. More info to link to the event as we get closer to the date.

Following so many requests, I have begun providing a limited number of clairvoyant readings and life coaching sessions once again. one hour or one and a half hours in duration, in which I employ the psychic attunement to read you and the information that comes to me through clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentient experience of your energy fields. The session is often life-changing as so many things can come up and into clarity for your life.

I am a healer first, having served as a psychic healer for more than twenty years, so my intention is always to help recalibrate the emotional, mental and physical body through information that comes through me.

The cost of one-hour session is EURO 170.00; some prefer one and half hours, in order to probe more deeply – and sometimes to see past life information. The cost, accordingly is EURO 250.00 for the full 90 minutes.

I also offer LIFE COACHING, which is more about guidance of empowerment and clarity, and this is more in the form of dialogue and problem solving. Most people interested in coaching sign up for a series of 3 sessions, however I am available for one session if interested. One session, one hour, is EURO 120.00 – the three session series, prepaid, is EURO 300.00

My intention in this sacred work is always for the highest good of you and all concerned and that declaration and focus overrides all my work. At the onset, I always call in Angelic beings, to encircle us in golden white light, and to hold that shield as we navigate other dimensions and realms.

If you would like to proceed, please contact to me providing your email address, so that I can issue a paypal invoice. Please be sure to include your mailing address in the reply, along with your skype address. Once paypal confirms the payment, we book your appointment.

That’s it for now!

I look forward to meeting with you in one of these venues, or in a private session reading or coaching session, and thank you all for your support and dedication to the lightwork at hand. More coming…. so stay tuned.
In the light of all that is of the highest good for all concern,
I send love, peace and just a tinkle of laughter – where joy flows from my heart to yours…

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