Grounding in Discernment

By Patricia Cori

With all respect to everyone creating and sharing information on our information highways: it’s time for a reality check! I am hearing some wild, fantasmagorical even delusional constructs being delivered to the human race and particularly our spirit communities and there is a certain gullibility factor we need to address.

So many people, desperate for something to believe in and cling to, are being steered off course completely.

Lets get grounded in discernment.

I invite everyone to consider a few vital points that are affecting the way you see reality. Not everyone is who he or she appears to be – be aware that there are infiltrators in our circles … and I’m not only speaking about the trolls who monitor and control what we are writing. I am talking about self-proclaimed light workers, channels, authors who are spreading all manner of over-the-top information. Scrutinize what they are bringing forward – does it really make sense? Does it clear your B.S. screening system? Does it serve the highest good? Does it bring you empowerment, or more fear for the earth, the future, your life?

And I am an author, and a channel, and lightworker and i have ALWAYS invited you to run the information I bring forward through your heart and make sure it resonates as truth within you and if doesn’t – discard it. Remember – TAKE NO GURU. Trust your heart and beautiful mind and find your own truth. And in full integrity, be sure to monitor what you move forward to others.

Today I read somewhere that a channel was telling us that “the pyramids are giving earth’s energy over to aliens and we need to dismantle them.” Another was saying that we need to lose our chakra systems in order to ascend to the fifth dimension. SIRIUS-LY????? This is what I’m talking about.

Let’s scrutinize the information highway – let’s be diligent and intelligent and rise above the sensationalism.

We need to be grounded now: solid, credible representatives of the light forces on this planet.
More than ever before.
As we are volleyed back and forth between the dark and the light, and the sun, the earth and the planets rock and roll, and our lives seem tethered somewhere between despair and hope – we must be grounded in discernment, understanding and the questioning of false prophecy.