Just Released: The New Sirian Revelations

MEDIA CONTACT: Annemarie Osborne Publicist Annemarieosborne7@gmail.com (949) 237-2906 Just Released: The New Sirian Revelations – Galactic Prophecies for the Awakening Human Collective, with Spellbinding Disclosures from Intergalactic Messengers Author Patricia Cori, scribe of the Sirian High Council, provides hopeful communications from other- dimensional guardians dedicated to assist in the conscious evolution of mankind. San Francisco, […]


By Patricia Cori My back pressed into the old chair My mother nursed me there So long ago A little threadbare for the wear But still there… A breeze from the window comes warmed by the sun. The scent of jasmine, is it? Honeysuckle? Or lilacs, from the hill above? There again, just a subtle […]

A Storm Rises

by Patricia Cori There is a colossal storm out there. The greatest you’ve ever seen. And it’s frightening. Cold. And ominous…


By Patricia Cori We, the thinking, The seeing Earth-beings Do hereby swear: We refuse to be plasticized Metastasized Hypnotized or Computerized.