Not Our Keepers

Patricia Cori

The rapid decline of civilization
Is an aberration –
Effrontery to Divine Creation.

Woman, man, girl or boy
are words to be erased
in haste.

Culture, country, hearth and home
These, too, have no place
and will be aced.

Black, white, shades and hues
No face is safe
No kin, no skin
It’s all a separation ruse –
Illusion we are living in.

Humanity has been defaced
and sentiment retraced
with hate.


cyclical as nature flows
darkness comes, and darkness goes.
Those whose souls they’ve sold
for plastic mountains filled with gold
feel how cruel the cold wind blows.

Despairing, they see their endless diffusion
of fear and confusion
coming around
evil unwound
mirroring back to them
all their delusion.

We, the knowing
push forward, glowing
It’s hope that we feel,
And love, overflowing.

Freedom sings, it hopes, it soars
rising in us all
ring the bells at city hall

©2021 Patricia Cori

How can you best protect yourself and your loved ones from unwanted electromagnetic fields?

This is not my original post – I found it somewhere on the web but didn’t make a note of the website, still I want to share it with you all.

As people spend over half of their time at home, this is where you may absorb more electromagnetic radiation than anywhere else. So for best EMF protection, make your home a low-EMF zone. Most of the EMF that people experience at home does NOT come from external sources (power lines, electrical sub-stations, cell phone towers and suchlike) but from electrical equipment and radio transmitting devices INSIDE their home. These are the kinds of harmful EMF you may experience at home:

  • Low-frequency EMF comes mainly from mains electrical appliances and house wiring. Mains electricity alternates (cycles) 50 or 60 times a second, or Hertz (Hz). That sounds fast, but in electromagnetic terms, it is very slow – and that is why it is called low-frequency EMF, or very low frequency (VLF), or extremely low frequency (ELF).
  • Radio frequency EMF is mainly used for radio communications. These are energy waves which alternate very rapidly, often faster than 1,000,000,000 cycles per second, or 1 Gigahertz (GHz).

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Just Released: The New Sirian Revelations

Annemarie Osborne
(949) 237-2906

Just Released: The New Sirian Revelations – Galactic Prophecies for the Awakening Human Collective, with Spellbinding Disclosures from Intergalactic Messengers

Author Patricia Cori, scribe of the Sirian High Council, provides hopeful communications from other- dimensional guardians dedicated to assist in the conscious evolution of mankind.
San Francisco, Calif. December 18, 2017 – “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it,” stated Albert Einstein. In her newest book, Patricia Cori’s readers are taken on a journey of conscious awakening that bridges fact with fiction. Just as Aldous Huxley might now be considered a prophet, The New Sirian Revelations offer a visionary perspective of the state of our planet; how it came to be dominated by dark forces; and what we can do to transcend this deliberate form of manipulation that propagates the agendas of the masters of mankind.

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By Patricia Cori

My back pressed into the old chair
My mother nursed me there
So long ago
A little threadbare for the wear
But still there…
A breeze from the window comes
warmed by the sun.
The scent of jasmine, is it?
Or lilacs, from the hill above?
There again, just a subtle trace …
That fleeting blush across my face.
How sweet … the smell of fresh cut lawn,
that too has its place
in my landscape.
There are no greater moments than these
The breeze
The scent
Feeling content
just to breathe.
To need nothing more than this
Is truly bliss.
There is nothing more
Nothing missed
No other wish.

A Storm Rises

by Patricia Cori

There is a colossal storm out there.
The greatest you’ve ever seen.
And it’s frightening.
And ominous…

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By Patricia Cori

We, the thinking,
The seeing
Do hereby swear:

We refuse to be
Hypnotized or

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