Listen to the Music of the Earth

by Patricia Cori

What if someone told you that every living creature on the planet plays a part in some unheard but incredible symphony of the very earth itself, and that the music of Homo sapiens is just a drop in the orchestral ocean?

For over a decade I have been singing this message to my readers. The world is alive in an infinite opus that has the rhythm of the waves, the song of whales and dolphins – even the minute whispers of the insect world – playing the song of the earth in one exquisite symphony.

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Reflections from the Council

“You cannot find your dream of peace – utopia – and the celebration of soul in any other context but from that essence of what already is, that which is within you, now.

It does not come from outside of you, no matter how you fantasize or believe that events will change you, and your earth reality. To long for a future where you will only know light and beauty and shed the weightiness of how you perceive your current physical lives and density is to deny the capacity you have to draw from that infinite illumination that can only come from within, remembering the cellular wisdom of your fully activated light strings as much as you remember being from other worlds, other dimensions.

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Political correctness and the New Racism

by Patricia Cori

In this brew of all things designed to conquer and divide the human race – at its very core – is racism. The existence of it, the evil design behind it, the ignorance, the suffering, the abuse – all of this is tearing at our human existence and the prospect of peaceful co-existence. This is absolutely orchestrated … because… imagine the power of a unified global population of almost 8 billion people???

And so now, in our migrating societies and racially interactive communities, this is the hot button that ignites all the lowest human emotions and sets the fires burning. Not that it hasn’t always – it’s just more intense, more painful, more delicate, more OPENLY operative in our societies. The wound is open, seething. Bleeding.

As someone who marched in civil rights protests alongside of my black (and that is the term of choice at that time) brothers and sisters, I shudder to see how we seem to be backsliding. And it’s insipid. The snake has grown a new head.

In this “politically correct” environment and with its conditioning being driven like a stake into the human soul, where we are being manipulated into some very primal emotions surrounding race, we’re losing the love and appreciation of the immense diversity of our ethnicity, with all its colors – black white brown red yellow – and our invaluable, irreplaceable heritage.

We are not supposed to see race anymore because to even recognize racial diversity gets us the label – the dreaded label: ‘racist’. But I love race – I love the beauty of our uniqueness, as well as our sameness. Why are we denying it? Why must we dismiss it? I see diversity: not superiority or inferiority. I love the expanse that is the human race, perhaps because i have travelled so much of the world, and celebrated those difference as the palette of life and humanity.

Imagine if every flower on the planet was the white daisy? How dull our garden.

All our differences make us who we are. We bring that to the table of human interaction, to cultures, to the global community.

I am not so ingenuous to suggest that racial segregation is not at the root of so much hate. That’s real… to deny it would mean I do not live in this world. But today’s idea of racism, seen through the distorted eyes of “political correctness” seems, to me, to be fueling the fire, rather than abating it.

I shudder to think that the model for the perfect human is one in which we are all interbred into some socially correct, preferable skin color, with our genetically altered blue eyes and surgically corrected Candice Bergen perfected noses so that we are all the model of what someone – some corporate team – believes is the most desirable generic brand of homo sapiens. Gone the beautiful Afro; gone the silky red locks and white skin of the Irish, gone the proud chiseled faces of the Masai warrior, gone the sculptured Asian beauty, the noble cheekbones of the native Americans.

My God, we’ll be like a bunch of McDonald’s hamburgers, where once there was a smorgasbord at the feast of human experience.

Why Didn’t God Run for President?

By Patricia Cori

We want a candidate who has no illicit wealth, no connection to corporate funding, no interest in war, no appetite for power.

We want someone who cannot be manipulated, overrated, intimidated or exfoliated.

It should be someone who has never uttered a bad thought, a word, and idea, an opinion. One who can nonetheless stand up to every opinion of every world leader, corporate mandate, individual person, hell – even alien – that exists.

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Grounding in Discernment

By Patricia Cori

With all respect to everyone creating and sharing information on our information highways: it’s time for a reality check! I am hearing some wild, fantasmagorical even delusional constructs being delivered to the human race and particularly our spirit communities and there is a certain gullibility factor we need to address.

So many people, desperate for something to believe in and cling to, are being steered off course completely.

Lets get grounded in discernment.

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Message to the Starseed of the Earth

By Patricia Cori

If you are not totally IN LOVE with this earth, you’re missing something immense, inestimable, eternal. You’ve stopped loving being here because you’ve stopped loving humanity and all we are capable of. You’ve been groomed to do that – to fear everything and everybody, to trust nothing, to cower in the face of all adversity, to sit at home, afraid to go to restaurants, cafe’s, the malls, theater, trains, airplanes…. and to believe it’s unsalvageable. That the earth is DONE.

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By Max Hermann

Go placidly amid the noise and haste,
and remember what peace there may be in silence.
As far as possible without surrender
be on good terms with all persons.
Speak your truth quietly and clearly;
and listen to others,
even the dull and the ignorant;
they too have their story.
Avoid loud and aggressive persons,
they are vexations to the spirit.
If you compare yourself with others,
you may become vain and bitter;
for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.
Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans.
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Be Prepared

By Patricia Cori

Are you prepared for an emergency? Power outages, flood damage, panic community behaviors at the stores? Truth is even a few days without heat and electricity, food and water, can be life-threatening.

Here is a list of essentials I’ve compiled from my own experience last winter, and from friends in the FB clan. Do what you can to stock up and not be caught OUT IN THE COLD if something comes down in your region of the world.

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Galactic Visions

by Kurt Rampley

From long-time friend, Kurt Rampley, these two provocative drawings. The first, to the left, he entitled “space face,” which he says just “came to him.” The second he describes as a “human descending to a dual starred planet,” a vision of how our race could be “spread through space in never ending forms.”

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