My departure point for this stream of consciousness is this: a thank you to those of you who are willing to discuss, to argue and disagree, to question and seek answers, together – without discrediting the other… without creating a personal attack, and shaming anyone who doesn’t see the world from your same perspective. Several […]

Not Our Keepers

by Patricia Cori The rapid decline of civilization Is an aberration – Effrontery to Divine Creation. Woman, man, girl or boy are words to be erased in haste. Culture, country, hearth and home These, too, have no place and will be aced. Black, white, shades and hues No face is safe No kin, no skin […]

Listen to the Music of the Earth

by Patricia Cori What if someone told you that every living creature on the planet plays a part in some unheard but incredible symphony of the very earth itself, and that the music of Homo sapiens is just a drop in the orchestral ocean? For over a decade I have been singing this message to […]

Reflections from the Council

“You cannot find your dream of peace – utopia – and the celebration of soul in any other context but from that essence of what already is, that which is within you, now. It does not come from outside of you, no matter how you fantasize or believe that events will change you, and your […]

Political correctness and the New Racism

by Patricia Cori In this brew of all things designed to conquer and divide the human race – at its very core – is racism. The existence of it, the evil design behind it, the ignorance, the suffering, the abuse – all of this is tearing at our human existence and the prospect of peaceful […]

Why Didn’t God Run for President?

By Patricia Cori We want a candidate who has no illicit wealth, no connection to corporate funding, no interest in war, no appetite for power. We want someone who cannot be manipulated, overrated, intimidated or exfoliated. It should be someone who has never uttered a bad thought, a word, and idea, an opinion. One who […]

Grounding in Discernment

By Patricia Cori With all respect to everyone creating and sharing information on our information highways: it’s time for a reality check! I am hearing some wild, fantasmagorical even delusional constructs being delivered to the human race and particularly our spirit communities and there is a certain gullibility factor we need to address. So many […]

Message to the Starseed of the Earth

By Patricia Cori If you are not totally IN LOVE with this earth, you’re missing something immense, inestimable, eternal. You’ve stopped loving being here because you’ve stopped loving humanity and all we are capable of. You’ve been groomed to do that – to fear everything and everybody, to trust nothing, to cower in the face […]