Sacred Opportunities/ Magical Journeys

How would you like to connect with ancient wisdom hidden in the Earth's most sacred sites, guided by a spiritual teacher intimately familiar with the secrets of Egyptian tombs, Mayan temples and sacred mountain peaks of the Inca? Are you ready to walk into a crop circle in the fields of Wiltshire, experiencing the temporary temples of what may very well be the most important interdimensional experience currently available to humanity? Take yourself to the sacred sites of this Earth now. I would love to have you join me and reconnect with the soul family who will form the group of seekers who chose to walk that path. A mystical, life-altering experience awaits you.

I lead about four mystical pilgrimages every year as part of my SoulQuest™ Journeys, guiding spiritual travelers to ancient temples, tombs and other sacred sites in Egypt, England, Mexico, Peru and wherever mystery awaits. We work with shamans and indigenous people who hold the wisdom in these mystical sites, approaching them as initiates and seekers. We connect with supernatural forces, spirits and ancient messengers, seeking to unlock the gates between the veils. We swim with dolphins, asking to learn their messages for humanity and to feel the joy of their evolved experience.

2010 was a full and exciting year and I am now planning my 2011 programs, which will once again include one – maybe two journeys to Egypt, Where Pharaohs Dwell. There will be a July visit to England to the sacred sites and through the crop circles and a return to Peru. Also planned dolphin swims in the Azores, a return to Atlantis! Updates will be available soon so please be sure to follow my updates on the the SoulQuest™ Sacred Journeys website link for up-to-date information and registration pages.

Ours is a beautiful world, full of mystery, wisdom and beauty – waiting for you to taste of the magic, and the wonder. Join me and other like-minded souls as we attune to the pulse of nature: of all that has come before – and the splendor of our human experience, unfolding.