Another Score!!!!!!

Delighted to report that my latest screenplay, BURIED ALIVE, an adaptation of my book WHERE PHARAOHS DWELL, has won semifinalist ranking in the prestigious Scriptapalooza Screenwriters’ Competition in Hollywood! It is now rated in the top 100 of many thousands of scripts submitted and will be represented by Scriptapalooza with over 125 producers and industry professionals – who go to them for new material. Closer and closer, we move – to the big screen.

Now you can catch Patricia in her new series of spontaneous talks she calls A MOMENT OF ZEN, available through Facebook live video and now uploaded to her youtube channel here.

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BURIED ALIVE (Work in Progress) 

Adaptation from Cori’s autobiographical book, Where Pharaohs Dwell, published with North Atlantic Books/Random House – Penguin Books distribution.

After a woman undergoes a hypnotic regression in which she relives a torturous death in Egypt, she begins to piece together an ancient puzzle that leads her on a mind-bending supernatural adventure in the treacherous land of forgotten Pharaohs.

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