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Best selling author, speaker, and motivational coach.

Where ancient mystical paths and visions of the future merge, revealing new understandings of the multi-dimensional reality in which we live.

For more than 25 years, author and metaphysician Patricia Cori has studied the spiritual paths of indigenous cultures, from the jungle pyramids of the ancient Mayans, to the temples in the highest mountains of Peru and Tibet, to the desert tombs of the Pharaohs. She has been called a “real life Indiana Jones” for her adventurous lifestyle and her “Soul Quest” mystical journeys, leading seekers from around the globe to discover ancient mysteries in places such as Egypt, Tibet, Peru, Mexico and sacred England.

“The idea of these sacred journeys is to take people to mystical sites, to experience the power points of the Earth and to help people experience the energies held in the temples, approaching them as seekers – ‘Initiates’,” she explains, of a mysterious and wonderful ancient wisdom. She adds, “and with a vision of a future that is catapulting us into space, pioneers in an entirely new human paradigm.”

Through her work with the Cetaceans, swimming with wild dolphins in the open oceans and clocking many hours out on the sea with the whales, she has become an expert on the experience of the Cetacean-human interaction, and she is a die-hard activist for the cause of saving the oceans. In 2012, she founded the non-profit 501c charity, SAVE EARTH’S OCEANS, INC., which is dedicated to awakening people to the urgency before us all, to restore the balance of the world’s oceans.

Through a lifetime of travels around the world, witnessing and participating in shamanic ceremonies, she has become one of our dominant voices regarding the hidden knowledge, and she works tirelessly to share what she understands of it with her international audience. She is globally perceived as a visionary of the great transition that is underway on our planet, and as a powerful guide, helping people deal with change and rise above their fear.

“It is so important to understand that what carries you through the difficulties that life throws at you is the realization that your life is your own creation! Above all, the greatest gift is knowing the fearlessness to take those great leaps of faith, to experience the broad range of opportunity that is available to us all,” says Cori.“We are living in a time of immense change, where the old is breaking down and the new is being birthed. Never we have felt it more than now.”

Cori is the former host of the radio program Beyond the Matrix on BBSRadio, and is also a highly sought out speaker and radio and TV guest. Her areas of expertise include: UFOs, E.T., extra-dimensional life, animal protectionism, alternative health, ancient wisdom, healing and everything in between. She has been interviewed on CNN, Coast to Coast syndicated radio, Exopolitics Radio, the Urban Journal Radio, KJAC Radio Montreal, 21 st Century Radio and hundreds of others. She has also appeared in several documentaries as an authority on these fields.

Audiences and readers worldwide trust Patricia Cori as their fearless guide through ancient secrets and modern changes. She is a tireless warrior for the planet as well. Her message resonates because of her applauded ability to bring people practical insights upon far-reaching ideals and inspiring them to bring satisfaction and meaning into their lives today.

“We’re moving toward an awareness of how we will be co-creating a new Earth and rediscovering our connection with nature, and with each other,” she asserts. “This is a very big part of my message: let’s shift our focus from what is ‘broken’ to understanding how we have everything we need to live deeply meaningful, joyous lives.”

After 12 best-selling works of non-fiction, she finished her first novel, The Emissary – a spiritual thriller – which was released to the enthusiastic response of readers and media around the world. In the meantime, she’s climbing through tunnels beneath the Great Pyramid, swimming with dolphins in Atlantis (she claims she’s found it in the Azores Islands), and helping us all see the way out of struggle and into the wonder of being alive. She’s all about unveiling the secret to living empowered, fearless and abundant lives.….

Oh yes, and of course – she is tirelessly writing away, bringing her much awaited inspirational insights to share with the world.

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