Patricia Cori asking PERMISSION to open 'the gate' at Stonehenge.


"There were 100's of birds perched atop one of the stones.  At the exact moment that I asked permission (shamanically) to enter, they flew, in unison.



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Author, Teacher and Spiritual Guide

From jagged peaks to hidden tombs, a fearless guide to secrets of the ancients

For more than 25 years, Patricia Cori has studied the spiritual paths of indigenous cultures, from the jungle pyramids of the ancient Mayans to the desert tombs of the Pharaohs.

Driven to experience the mysteries of ancient cultures, Cori has participated in death defying ceremonies from the heights of the Andes to the depths of Mayan and Egyptian tombs. Through these endeavors she has come to be recognized as a gifted shaman by indigenous teachers of the Tibetan, Mayan and Peruvian traditions.

Patricia established SoulQuest™ Journeys in 1996. Since then she has guided travelers through sacred sites in Nepal, Tibet, Asia, Mexico, Egypt, Europe and Peru.

An expert on perception and the meaning ancient belief systems hold in the 21st century, Patricia is viewed as a visionary on transitions facing humanity in 2012 and beyond.

I have people look at all different sides of reality and embrace the idea that this is not the only reality," she says. "And that no matter what, what carries you through all of it is the fearlessness to make a leap of faith to experience and manifest the reality you wish to create in your life.

Patricia's growing list of top-selling publications keep her in the foreground as one of the leading voices of the Spirit Movement that is awakening people to the many aspects of change that are defining our contemporary lives. Her earlier works, The Sirian Revelations, were re-released in 2007 by North Atlantic Books/Random House Distribution and continue to be published in several foreign language editions. Her recent book Where Pharaohs Dwell: One Mystic's Journey through the Gates of Immortality  (Nov. 2009), follows her incredible journeys into ancient Egyptian tombs and temples in a never-ending pursuit of wisdom and ancient secrets. Negotiations are already underway to bring the book to the big screen.

A best-seller before it was even released in Spring 2011, her much awaited new book, Before We Leave You: Messages from the Great Whales and the Dolphin Beings, is stirring people to take action for the Cetacean Nation. It is a call from the Cetacean world to the human race to rise up to our capacity to heal the oceans and bring harmony back to the planet – at a time when the plight of the seas and the whales and dolphins has come full center in our consciousness.

Patricia hosts the radio program "Beyond the Matrix" and is a highly-sought speaker worldwide. Her acclaimed lectures and workshops help audiences make sense of the great shift that is underway, such as those that many people anticipate in 2012, through the understandings of ancient spiritual wisdom.

Whether she is documenting ancient mysteries, swimming in the open sea with whales and dolphins or shifting paradigms, Patricia's message of empowerment and hope resonates because of her ability to bring people practical insights into the meaning of their lives, while shining light into the dark corners of our common experience.

I'm here to help people understand that we are part of a far greater scheme of things," she says. "We're spinning into a new hour of awareness, understanding and responsibility for all that exists – knowing that everything is exactly the result of our creation....