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She’s been dubbed a “real life Indiana Jones” by fans and the media – an inspiring icon of truth and a living model of the adventurer within us all.

Internationally acclaimed author, Patricia Cori, is one of the most well-known and established authorities on the realms of the mystic, whose views of the world challenge the status quo and confront the issues that concern us all today. She challenges us to think “outside the box” and question the way things really are, to find the answers we all seek as to the deeper meaning of our lives and how to live them in peace and happiness. She loves to “stretch the imagination” with visions of what might very well be, as science fiction becomes a pressing reality every day in our rapidly changing world. And her published books have proven, over and over again, that those visions are indeed prophetic, as the events she foretold two decades ago unfold. “These are challenging but exciting times!” says Patricia. Published in more than twenty foreign languages, she has been a key voice in the alternative media for decades, bringing paradigm-busting information to the public since 1996.

The former host of the popular radio show, Beyond the Matrix, she has interviewed some of the most brilliant minds on every subject imaginable and has herself been interviewed on hundreds of talk radio and TV programs, including CNN, Coast to Coast a.m. with George Noory, WABC, Playboy Radio, the Urban Journal Radio, KJAC Radio Montreal, 21st Century Radio, Fringe Radio, Unity FM, and a host of others. She has been a keynote speaker in such prestigious events as the Glastonbury Symposium, speaking to sell out audiences. She has also appeared in documentary films.

In her passion for writing and story-telling, as a vehicle to voice her humanitarian vision, she has bridged the gap of different genres, with enthusiastic response from readers. She’s just completed the long awaited NEW SIRIAN REVELATIONS, while refining her latest screenplay, THE ELEPHANTS IN THE ROOM, in development with Hummingbird Films, U.K. Letting no moss grow beneath her feet, she’s already at work writing the novel version of the award-winning script, which (in true Cori fashion) addresses pressing issues of animal conservation and the insipid epidemic of autism amongst our children.

Like the sunflower, she seeks the light and turns that brilliance forward for a growing and devoted global audience. She has guided literally thousands of people to the sacred sites of the world; taught myriad workshops and courses globally; and inspired and motivated individuals through private coaching – walking the talk of brilliant mental, spiritual and physical well-being.

Whether she’s swimming with wild dolphins in the ocean, hanging from a cliff in Peru, or walking through portals in Egypt – Patricia Cori is a force to be contended with! A spiritual guide for our times, she teaches how to live in full power, fearless, filled with wonder and sovereign in health and mind.

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